Friday, September 30, 2011

Window Shopping Extravaganza (for Liliana)

I don't do much shopping for Liliana.  I have been blessed with a TON of hand me downs.  By the time she turned one, we had spent MAYBE $50 total on her clothes and toys combined.  We really don't spoil her at all, but her family and our friends definitely do!  We get a monthly package from her Madrina (godmother) with at least FIVE or more new outfits!)

But I have to admit, I know why family spoils her!  Look at that gorgeous gal!

Since I barely spend any money on her clothes, I figured I would say where my favorite products are when I window shop for her.  Yes, I often go online and make imaginary purchases of $200 just to X out of the screen.  Let's go window shopping today some shall we? 

My favorites to window shop at are:

(1) Crazy 8 - they just put one in Little Rock and I already went on opening weekend!
(2) Carter's - there is one opening in Little Rock in November!  We are getting so lucky!
(3) Old Navy - I'm always shocked by how many adorable things they have.  PLUS, great sales often too!

Our Trip to Crazy 8

How cute is this little outfit?  Liliana already has the skirt (that I bought the weekend it opened for $4.99, can't beat that people!)  Now we just need a jean jacket.

I ADORE this outfit.  It looks just like something I'd have her wear.  A little bit spunky, yet feminine.

On to Children's Place ...

I am in love with the fact that children's Place has these shirts in Spanish.  I think I'm going to actually buy these.  They tug at my heart strings.  This was says "Daddy's little girl."  $6 right now.  GET SOME!

I've been in love with all things cupcake since Liliana had her cupcake themed 1st birthday.  This one, also $6, says "I love you almost as much as cupcakes."

For today, the winner of our Window Shopping Extravaganza is Old Navy.  Behold how adorable this outfit would be.

On to Old Navy, our last stop of the day...

A cute little bow top to match sweetly with this cute little ...

Leopard skirt!  And as if that wasn't enough, let's top it off with the most adorable...

Baby shoes I have EVER SEEN!

Don't you think she'd look too perfect in all of these things?

Darn it, now I really want to go shopping for her!

I mean, would you be able to say no to that sweet face?

Or to this cute smile?

Yeah definitely going shopping this weekend ... ; )

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  1. Cute cute clothes!! You are lucky to get hand-me-downs. Love the Old Navy gold bow outfit. Liliana will be one well dressed little girl!