Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Splash Pad and Autumn Smiles

To say that Liliana ADORES water is a complete understatment, as evidenced in the pictures below.

Over Labor Day weekend, fall settled in to Little Rock. The highs are an incredibly manageable 78 and the lows are around 55.  Basically, it's heaven in a city.  We have been eating outside, leaving our windows open, and enjoying this change.  Somehow, even though life has only gotten more stressful around our house lately, it isn't getting to us.  We're just enjoying it all.

The only bad thing about the temperature drop?  Our trips to the pool and splash pad have come to an end.  On Saturday, we decided to take Liliana to her favorite place in the world for the last time this year ... the Little Rock Splash Pad.

The air and water was actually quite nippy.  As a result, most other babies or children weren't getting in the water.  Liliana though?  I think she thought it was JUUUUST fine.

Seeing her enjoy the water is so much fun.  People at the pad keep coming up to us and saying they've never seen a baby love the water so much.  While people say love of water isn't a genetic thing, I have to disagree, sorry.  If you're Daddy is an All-American swimmer, some of that DID influence Liliana, I mean please:

And how about this one?  My favorite of the afternoon.  This picture might win for chubbiest baby knees of all time.

Let's hope those legs get slender later in life! ; )

After the splash pad, we were pretty tired and put our robe on to walk around the park a little more.  We spent quality time thinking about things to come with Daddy ...

And we spent time just relaxing with Mommy ...

All in all, a great way to say "good bye summer!"  and HELLO autumn! : )


  1. I think The Boy and your little one would get along so well. He too is a water baby. We are still experiencing 100 degree weather here so our days at the splash pad are not quite over yet.

  2. Gosh she is just the cutest little girl! Cracked me up how much fun she was having, and those knees, ha so adorable.

  3. Those pictures are just too precious! We are in Arkansas too and sadly, we missed our chance to have one last go at the pool or lake. Labor Day was rainy and cold and now the pool is closed for the season. Sad days in our house because little man loves to water too.

  4. I love the one where her eyes are closed and she seems to be basking in the joy that is water :) I have a 20 month old who hates the water so it is always fun to see kids enjopying themselves. Love the blog! - Bindi