Monday, April 8, 2013

3/4 to a year


You're 3/4 to a year already.  That's insane.  Seriously, it feels like just yesterday you were born and now you're crawling around a room in two seconds making sure to pull on every cord in your path.

This month was a funny one b/c you started getting stubborn.  You are NOT happy when we take your bottle or a toy away.  We've definitely had to start directing your attention elsewhere, but once we do, you're easy to manage.  You are still the best sleeper on the planet, never having "cried it out" for more than 30 seconds.  No exaggeration.  You love waving hi and bye to everyone.  You know I'm Mama and who's Dada.  This one has really impressed me b/c this concept took much longer for your sister to get. 

You're a BIG girl, already in 12 month clothing.  You're pretty chubby, but not as chubby as your sister was (though that isn't saying much, ha!).  This month you continue to use a few words regularly which astounds us.  You're also graduated to regular foods (such as the little lasagna meals etc) and have greatly preferred that to even your bottle. 

We've noticed you're much less reliant on attention than your sister was.  Sometimes you do best when we just let you roam around versus trying to garner your attention.  However, this isn't to say that your favorite place still isn't in someone's arms.  You just love being held and loved on, but definitely don't require it. 

Your crawling is a funny sight.  You're an army crawler and I think that's just what you'll do.  You're already showing interest in pulling up on furniture and zip around a room in no time at all.  I reckon it's time to get the gates up soon!  EEK!

You're so easy going at restaurants, stores, etc.  We'll go on 3-4 hour errand runs and realize you just observed, waved at people and said hello, goodbye, hola, hi, or bye (you like lots of options!) ... no other kind of fuss.

You're still only at two teeth, but I'm thinking we'll have 2 more by next month b/c they say you've really been gnwaing on things at school.  Your Dad says you like to bang objects on another ... it's true.  We give you two things and you're just happy as can be hitting them together.  Heck, you even love clapping since it makes noise!  You'll clap to just about anything.

You're SUPER ticklish.  I mean, you'll crawl over to me just to put your feet in my face so I'll tickle 'em for you.  I obviously oblige.

I can't wait to see you grow more and more and develop that personality.  We're so in love with you sweet thing.


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