Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Question Asking Kind

Isn't dreaming about the future fun?  I know we should live in the present, but that's not to say that dreaming about what is to be isn't fun.

Since Evan and I have been married, we've never had a moment of being settled in our lives.  Through law school and med school it was:

 "What's Cristina going to do after law school? (haha ... TOTALLY didn't expect I would own my own business, but hey!  Life is full of surprises)

"Where's Evan going to take us for residency? (all that worrying for nothing ... we got our first choice?)

"When are we going to start having children? (WELL ... turns out that if your OB tells you "you can't get pregnant" you actually can, twice, first time and not even meaning to the first time (Sorry Liliana love!))

"What are our houses going to look like? (or we could just buy a house unseen like we did here in Little Rock)

So Evan and I are the question answering type.  But now that that stage in our life is done, we're certainly not done asking questions ... we ask things like

"are we done having kids?" You ask me, I say yes we are done 95% of the time.  You ask Evan, he says no we're not done 99% of the time.  That makes for some interesting disputes, but we always settle on "let's keep practicing all the time just in case we do decide to have a third!" (see what I did there? TMI alert!)

"Where are we moving after residency?" (one we ask ALL THE TIME even though he has 3 years left ... we've definitely decided it will all boil down to salary and call schedules obviously, but we also have rules.  Like Evan says "nothing north of the mason dixon"  HAHA.  He's joking, but we're not cold weather people.  We like being outside.  We love pools.  Also, in Texas we have rules ... no Houston and no Dallas.  They just don't have the "homey" feel we want for the girls unless you move really far out which would be a huge pain.  If you do live in the city, traffic is a bitch and when you're hauling kids around that would get old. 

"What kind of house will we buy or build after residency?"  (isn't this one a blast?  Doesn't everyone go to and do the "how much home can I afford" thing?  PS They are RIDICULOUS with that. message to you, this is why people go broke.  According to what we make now (which BTW is not a lot!!) they say we could afford a house 33% more expensive!  We wouldn't be able to make ends meet AND save at the same time!  Saving is critical when you have kids ... college funds, mutual funds, life insurance etc!)

"What things do we want in our next home?"  (this one is fun ... we've narrowed it down to needing AT LEAST 4 bedrooms (we have visitors often and figure eventually the girls won't want to share rooms), a BIG pool for Evan (in his dream world it would be a lap pool but he can keep on dreaming away), a HUGE office for me (I work in this room and am in this house more than anyone so I think I should get dibs!), and our bedroom on separate level from kids.  In our current house they're on the  same level and I wanted that for when they were small.  But by the time we move, they're upstairs and we'll have our own retreat! :)

I'm sure we'll never be done asking questions.  Evan and I always say "when this happens we'll relax!" but we haven't.  It's just not who we are.

We're the dreaming, question askin' types.  And I sure do love to dream with him by my side.

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