Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Fiesta Birthday Party

A while back I blogged about throwing Liliana a "pigeon" birthday party.  But truth be told, I wanted to throw an un-character themed party this year.  Last year I did an Elmo/ Dora birthday and it was fun but so limiting.

This year, my best friend had me design some Fiesta bridal shower invitations for her and it had me thinking ... why not do a fiesta birthday party?

So the theme is decided.  The invitations are made:

Selling these in my shop here in case you want in on the fiesta fun!
I also made a corresponding Dora one b/c finding a Dora invitation that isn't super cheesy
is a freaking difficult things to do!  I love how it turned out!  That one is here.

ANYWAY, we are so excited b/c this year ... it's all about her friends.  We're inviting some adults, but honestly, this is now HER birthday party.  My parents aren't even coming b/c like I said ... for her AMIGAS! :) 

We're doing a pinata, I'm going to have them paint on a canvas in super fun BRIGHT Fiesta colors, and we're eating bean and cheese tacos.  Did you know that bean and cheese tacos is mainly a Texas thing?  Well if you're not from Texas, I highly recommend you make yourself some.  Melt that cheese, heat up those beans, get some tacos and voila!  DINNER time!

Here are some inspiration photos:

This bottom one is my absolute favorite!  STUNNING! :)

Liliana already knows her party is coming up and everytime she sees me working she asks "Mommy are you making something for my birthday?" :)

We've got 6 weeks left and I'll need every last day.  Especially since we're throwing ANOTHER party in 3 weeks!! haha ... I'll blog about that one tomorrow (or some time soon, that's a better way of saying that)

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  1. Wow!!! This fiesta birthday party is really amazing. Everyone must have a lovely time there. Planning to arrange a birthday bash for my cute little niece. She will be turning 5 soon. Want to have it at one of NYC venues. Hope will have wonderful arrangements there.