Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Cupcake Themed Birthday Party

** Warning this post has a TON of pictures. Sorry I couldn't narrow it down more! **

A couple weeks ago, we had Liliana's cupcake themed birthday party!  I have to give myself some definite credit here because the party completely rocked!  I was moving in the process of it all so had strategically left only the kitchen items I thought I would need to bake 75 cupcakes.  I was convinced I would accidentally pack something I needed and it would be a mad dash to a kitchen store, but that didn't happen!  Everything went perfectly ... no mess up of any sorts!

Liliana's birthday was such a joyous occasion.  We had about 30 people come over to the house for it!  What can I say ... she's a VERY loved little girl.  When she was only 2 months old, I had already decided on the cupcake theme.  Apparently since then, cupcakes have become the most popular thing on earth.  At first I was a little bit upset about this, but after a while I figured ... oh well!  It only gave me more options on my purchases!

I started cooking for the event the day before.  I had a table of just regular food and wanted to keep that to a minimum as much as possible.  I wanted EVERYTHING to be about cupcakes, so I had: macaroni and cheese cupcakes, strawberry cupcakes, chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes, and of course, Liliana's massive cake that was shaped like a cupcake!

Although this was a TON of work, I also had a TON of help.  The afternoon before Evan's graduation, I got started baking while Evan's Mom started working on Liliana's cake.  For Liliana's cake, I didn't make anything fresh because I figured it would only be smashed (and lord was it!).  After graduation and dinner, Liliana's godparents came and helped us cook until one am just to have things set!  At 8:30, we were already up and getting ready.  My cousin was on the decoration committee, Evan's best friend was on the balloon committee, Evan was directing everyone, and I just kept baking! haha.

By 11 o'clock ... the house was ready for company:

 The cupcake table!

 Liliana's own birthday cake!

 Macaroni and cheese cupcakes!

 Chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes!

 Strawberry cupcakes and frosting (everyone's favorite)!

 The eating table, equipped with cupcake candles and pictures of the birthday girl!

 The poster at the entrance of the house!

The loot! (and we were actually missing about 10 gifts from this picture!)

As soon as people arrived, we started opening presents.  I know this is pretty rude, but Liliana was getting tired already and I wanted to make sure she had her moments: openign presents and eating her cake so we did those two things first.  Liliana opened her gifts and played with the toys (aka tissue paper and boxes).  Then she got her cake and had a BLAST with it.  Throughout the day, she ended up changing in to 3 different outfits because the darn frosting got EVERYWHERE! ; )  It was a blast.

 Opening presents with a cute booty in the air!

 Her favorite gift of the entire day ... this box!

 YAY for tissue paper!

 A mischievous look huh?

 Climbing into boxes is so much fun!

 That is one EXCITED baby!

 Mommy and Daddy giving their baby girl her birthday cake!

 Going to town on the cake!

 She's a very giving child ... why have it all for yourself when you can give some to 
Mommy and Daddy too?
 How come Mommy has frosting on herself?  What about the birthday girl?

 Oh yikes ... yeah she definitely got frosting on herself as well.

 Yikes and plenty on her hair!

 But there's nothing a bath and a nap can't cure! 
The birthday girl makes her big second outfit debut!

 Taking pictures with my parents!

The gorgeous birthday girl!

It was a birthday party I'll never forget and I hope one day Liliana can look at the pictures and get some laughs out of it ...


  1. That is such a cute little birthday party! Looks like she had much fun :)

    Happy Wednesday :)

  2. I am glad you shared all those pictures, it looks like a wonderful day was had by all. Loved all your cupcakes! Happy Birthday Liliana!

  3. Cute. My friend had a cupcake party for her daughter for her fifth birthday - she bought all kinds of frosting, sprinkles, spatulas, aprons, etc and let the kids go to town. Each got to decorate and take home a box of 8 cupcakes. It was a BLAST.

  4. That is one GIANT cupcake cake! I'm so impressed :) I can't believe she's already a year old!

  5. I sooo want a cupcake right now! Beautiful party for a beautiful girl!