Saturday, February 13, 2010

22 Week Survey

How far along? 22 weeks, 4 days

Maternity clothes? Yep, those maternity pants are coming on more and more these days. In fact, I plan on going to the stores some time today or tomorrow to buy another pair of slacks. I don't like spending the money, but having to wear the same pair of slacks every single day got old after just one week.

Here's my 22 week Belly Picture! I've grown a lot more in the last four days. Sorry I don't have any "bare belly" pics...I'm not the biggest fan of them, call me traditional.

Stretch marks? Not that I can see, but I don't think I'll get lucky enough to do without them. My belly grew quite a lot this week.

Sleep gets harder and harder. Sometimes, I just wake up in the middle of the night and am completely awake. I try to turn my pregnancy pillow around (which is a huge ordeal) and readjust, but I think the baby is starting to kick so much that it's making me wake up.

Best moment this week: This weeks best moment wasn't actually baby related. We made our decisions for who will be on the board for ALJ next year and although it took forever, I'm glad to report that the journal will be represented by 7 great students.

Movement: she slowed down for a couple days there and I'm not gonna lie, it got Mommy worried...but I'm glad to report that I counted over 150 movements yesterday! : )

Food cravings: still none.

Gender: a girl who is gonna melt her Daddy's heart.

Labor Signs: those Braxton Hicks contractions really came about this week! They're not too too painful, but more irritating. Out of no where, you think, uterus feels really hard and it's just uncomfortable.

Belly Button in or out? Belly button didn't make a big change this week.

What I miss: not over analyzing every movement in my stomach!

What I am looking forward to: Tomorrow is Valentine's...that's fun. This week will be slower than last week, so I'm looking forward to eating dinner with Evan this week instead of coming home at nearly 10 o'clock.

Weekly Wisdom: When you feel that you've taken yourself too far, sit back and make sure to relax! I had really long hours this week and finally had to tell some of my classmates that I had to put my feet up...they were more than accommodating. Make sure to tell people "I need to slow down."

Milestones: I am done with the "in between stages" of pregnancy ... I am nearly a full-time maternity pants woman.

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