Monday, February 1, 2010

Homemade Nursery Decorations

Well, we did so much work over the weekend on the nursery and man it felt great! We started with a nice bright green on the wall behind the crib and I immediately fell in love with that paint color. Then, for the other walls I wanted a nice, calm cream color to compliment the green. Evan started painting (I did try and help as much as I could, but kept getting lightheaded and we couldn't open the doors to ventilate because it was approximately 10 degrees outside). Then, I told him: "that cream looks like sunshine." was too much sunshine. The room was BRIGHT. My eyes just hurt looking at it. Fortunately, Evan is the most patient man in the whole world, and he really agreed. We suddenly realized we had chosen the wrong color and that the name "Chenin Blanc" was for a reason. Ha. So we went back to Walmart driving through icey roads and picked up a "cream ware." We finished painting the remaining three walls and it was love at first sight. Calm, yet fun. Perfect.

Here is the room in a complete mess. We can't believe how far the room has come. Just one month ago, this was our study with a dark green wall, a huge desk, etc. Now, it's ready for our baby girl. : )

Here I am, with our new stroller, Liliana's "abuelita" doll inside her stroller, and her crib in the background. On the other side of the nursery are the rocking chair and the dresser. It really is coming together.

So for now, we're mainly done...but we both have SOME projects left. Evan, even though he's going to be a surgeon, loves woodworking. He built a hall tree and two night stands for our house and they're, of course, some of my favorite pieces in our home. Therefore, I wasn't surprised when he told me he wanted to build a toy chest for our baby's room. He's decided to take this design. We're not going to paint it the same, but are just going to stain it instead. Then, we're going to put a big colorful cushion on top so that people can sit with us while visiting.

I have two smaller sized projects. First, I'm going to paint her name above the crib. After searing prints I could purchase on, I drew up my favorite four and decided to paint Liliana in this design. I think it's going to look amazing. If I can't quite get it, I'll just order it. For now though, I love the idea of us doing homemade projects for Liliana AND saving money all at the same time.

My second project is a "picture board" I'll put together by buying lots of bright fabrics and placing them together. The idea is that I'll put pictures up of anyone important in Liliana's life as they come to visit her. I'm planning on putting it above the dresser.

Either way, at least the room is really coming together. Slowly but surely, we'll get her room coming together. Our main baby shower is on March 20th, so I'm sure I'll come back with SO much stuff that I'll be out of room. In the mean time though, I like how empty the room peaceful...and how much that little room is hers. We sit in the room just thinking about her, how wonderful our life is going to be with her in it, and how lucky we were to get that surprising news that evening.

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