Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wow, That Took a While

I have so many topics I could blog about:

(1) top 20 things I want to teach my daughter
(2) start the first of a few "before we're parents" book/series so that I can be held accountable when our children are grown and can say "I said I would never do that"
(3) discuss my decision to be a working mom instead of being a stay-at-home mom
(4) the debate between breast feeding and formula feeding
(5) my complete hatred already of the bar exam for not even giving me a week of maternity leave etc. etc. etc...

However, today I thought I would write about my blog makeover. I realized yesterday that I needed to make this blog look cuter. I searched different people's blogs and kept noticing a website called, "cutest blog on the block." I finally found a template I liked, uploaded that with a few problems, and then on to the banner. Ugh, what a pain in the ass. I couldn't get the stupid banner to match up to the size I wanted, I finally figured out how to do that, and now...tada...what do you guys think of the new look? I'm aware it's actually nothing that special, but it's baby steps people. I had to download a program called paint, do layers and type the name of the blog, and somehow, this took time!

SO, after I worked on this for about 40 minutes during my Crim Pro class (yes, I realize my grade in this class will probably reflect my lack of attention), I showed Evan when I got home. His response? "Oh, cool." It wasn't an "OOOOOH COOL" it was more a "does that even look different?" cool. After I was so proud of doing all that work, Mr. Fancy Pants not only "oh cool"ed me, but then he did this to his blog. Now, his looks cooler than mine! Grrr...oh it's on...haha, j/k.

Next time I feel like a makeover, I'll do a more fancy lookin banner with pictures, but for now, this will suffice. It's all I had time for, and it's all the patience I had without going insane too. So for now, I like this makeover...and I'll be proud. Darn proud.


  1. I was going to ask you how you made the awesome changes to your blog! Thanks for the info!

    PS I think that your site looks WAY COOL :)

  2. Thanks! : )

    I have to admit, the new one with pictures had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with me. Kristen was awesome enough to make it for me!! I love it!!

    She said that she did it off a website called, so try it if you want to alter your cooking blog (which by the way, I've used many a times so I won't make the same mistakes as you...hee hee).

    Miss you! : (

  3. I go to, make a new scrapbook that i title blog, or something of the sorts, and then you create your page that will be your header. Then you just do a print screen, copy it into paint, cut out the picture portion from the screen print, copy into a new blank paint page, and size down to fit into the header section, however big that is on your blog. =D Super easy, and super freeeee! Best part!