Sunday, October 24, 2010

Monday Minute 10/25/10

Welcome to this weeks edition of your Monday Minute!!  Due to my starting a new job that I'm pretty in love with, I decided to do some pretty upbeat questions for the week!  After all, we need to sometimes take time to ask ourselves these kinds of questions...the ones that put smiles on your faces.

As always, email me if you have suggestions for questions, or if you want to host the Monday Minute one week!


(1) Have you ever been hospitalized? (OK, maybe that one isn't so upbeat)
(2) What’s the last bit of good news you received?
(3) Who was your favorite teacher?
(4) Do you sing in the shower?
(5) Describe the happiest day of your life.


(1)  Other than when I had Liliana and had to stay in the hospital (protocol), I've NEVER been hospitalized!  I'm a lucky girl in that sense!  I freaking HATE the hospital, which is ironic since anybody and everybody in my family are doctors.  I just hate walking in to that building that smells and delivers bad news so often.

(2) I would probably have to say my job offers last week.  I took the lower paying one and I can already tell that after only one short week, I made the right decision.  My teaching job has been BEYOND what I could expect.  The day FLIES by.  Seriously, I feel like I look down and two hours have passed each time.  

(3) Hmmm...wonder why I asked this question! haha...sorry teaching is obviously on my mind.  From K - 12 it would probably be my French teacher.  This woman was a great teacher, but even more so, an amazing woman.  She adopted two children that had been sexually abused from Guatemala.  She found her daughter, age 8 at the time, trying to prostitute herself and it was A LOT of work for them to acclimate the girl to living in the US.  She couldn't leave the girl alone with her husband for YEARS because the girl would start screaming. Really, she was an inspiring woman and changed those two kids lives...and so many more.

(4) Ummm...YES!  I sing all the time, especially in the shower and in the car.  Lately, Sara Bareilles has been the artist of choice, but it varies all the time.  When I'm showering in the morning, I have to try not to sing too loud because I don't want to piss Liliana off and wake her up. My morning voice wouldn't be a fun way to wake up, it's so raspy.

(5) This one's tough.  I've really thought about it.  There were quite a few choices...

The day I got engaged...

The day I got married...

The day I became a Mother...

But, I didn't chose any of those.  All of those were AMAZING.  But my happiest day was when Evan came back from Ohio.  We had been long distance for a semester and had both been miserable without each other.  He came to meet me at a Puerto Rican dance my family was at.  I ran sprinted outside and we sat in his car and kissed, hugged, and whispered sweet nothings to each other for over an hour.  When we finally made it in to the dance, my parents just smiled at us.  Everybody knew we were FINALLY together.  Evan and I had known since high school that we would get married, so everyone knew that finally it would be "Cristina and Evan" again.  It was just the happiest I've ever felt in my life.  My face hurt too much that evening because I smiled constantly. And, we have this picture of us that my cousin took that night and we look SO happy in it.  We're both smiling as hard as possible and it's a gorgeous shot, but go figure, I don't have it on my computer.  Sorry guys. . . you'll just have to imagine.

OOOOK, those are my answers!  Now LINK UP AND more importantly, have a GREAT Monday!


  1. I love that picture of you from the day you got engaged. True joy.

  2. I'm so glad you chose the right job that makes you happy! That's such great news!!

    I love all your pictues, but the one of you with your ring is so beautiful!

  3. I love those pictures! Congrats on your new job I'm glad you're enjoying it!

  4. that's really good news! congrats for the new job!

  5. Great answers and pics. Our #5 is very similar. I am linking up as usual and I am glad you love your new job.

  6. I love singing in the car! I like to sing as loud as possible with the windows down. It feels like freedom!

  7. You look so happy in your engagement photo!

  8. Aww nothing feels better than finally being with someone after being apart. I bet it's great photo.

    Singing in the car is one of my favorite things. I sing in the shower now sometimes, only because I have a shower radio. Best invention ever, I swear.

  9. oh my goodness, I am desperately loving the new Sara Bareilles album! I hum it all the time :)