Thursday, October 7, 2010

Back From NY and We Survived!

We did it.  Liliana took her first airplane ride, and she ROCKED it.  Seriously, the girl cried maybe a max of 30 minutes roundtrip.  Each trip was about 7 hours, so this was a big success.  I was really excited about Liliana's first airplane experiences and wanted to chronicle this special time in her life...

 Liliana and Daddy during her first flight! 

Liliana's completely content on the plane!

The morning that we left for New York, a tropical storm was coming in, so we were terrified that we'd be delayed for at least 3 hours.  In the end, we were only delayed 35 minutes, so we were really happy about that.  Evan's Dad and his wife met us in Dallas and helped us with Liliana on the flight, which was great.

When we finally arrived at the hotel in Brooklyn, Grammy (Evan's Mom) was thrilled to see Liliana and took care of her so we could go get some dinner.  When we got back to the hotel, we were ready to crash.  However, Liliana had different plans. 

Liliana has been in her nursery since day 1.  We had NO IDEA this baby girl made so much noise in her sleep!  Liliana's crib was literally right next to our bed in the hotel so we woke up whenever Liliana made any sound or turned in any way.  Evan and I had quite an adjustment to make. Let me tell you, it's difficult to feed and bathe a baby when you're not in your home!  

The next day was the rehearsal dinner.  In the morning, we went in to the city with Evan's two brother's and their girlfriends (although, one of them is another Lacefield wife now!).  We went to get some cookies and cupcakes for the reception.  It was rainy the entire time, but it was still fun to just hang out.  Fortunately, Grammy watched Liliana again so we didn't have to do the whole experience with a stroller.  When we got back, we got ready for the rehearsal dinner.  Recognize this dress?

That's right! 
Goal dress #1 fit and fit PERFECTLY.  However, I still didn't look great...

There we go!  Thinks are looking much better.
Cute baby, girl in her goal dress...what's missing?

There we go!  The PERFECT picture!
I love this family shot of the three of us.

After the rehearsal dinner, we went home and just hung out at the hotel.  We were EXHAUSTED and knew Liliana might make her funny noises in her sleep again.  Plus, we had a BIG day the next day...WEDDING DAY!  

We were so happy because when we woke up in the morning, we saw that the tropical storm had passed and were greeted with a beautiful New York sunny day! The wedding site was perfect.

The reception was held at a bar called The Sycamore in Brooklyn.
It was AWESOME and the food was BEYOND delicious.

 Another GREAT family shot!
Also...recognize the dress?  YEP!  Goal dress #2 fit too! 
It was a TIGHT fit (as evidenced by my huge ass), but it zipped!  I was THRILLED.

From left to right: 
Evan (middle child, and in my opinion, the hottest of the 3!)
Connor (the now husband and oldest brother)
and Tyler (the youngest brother, who is obsessed with his niece)

Liliana slept for an hour before the wedding.
I thought her outfit was ADORABLE!  Do you like?

The wedding reception really was picturesque.  The bride looked AMAZING and they read their own vows to each other which had nearly everybody crying...

 Connor read his vows to his bride.
"I liked you because you liked baseball"

 She read her vows to her groom.
"I liked you because you could handle my evil cat"
All in all, we had a GREAT time in New York and are really happy that our baby girl will be a breeze when we travel.  We were so happy to be a part of their special day.

A parting cute shot of Liliana during the ceremony:

Don't you just wanna pinch those cheeks?

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  1. I'm so glad you fit into both of your goal dresses! Way to go girl!

  2. Glad the whole trip went great and you fit into the dresses. They looked amazing on you :)

  3. You look totally fabulous in both of your dresses!! Congrats!!

    I love love love Liliana's outfit too, soooo cute!

  4. Fantastic photos....and yes, your little one has the cutest little pinchable-est cheeks! HEEEHEE!

  5. Sounds perfect! And you look great!

  6. Hell she did better than I did on my first flight!!! haha

  7. Hooray for a happy baby on a plane!!

    And her dress there is absolutely gorgeous! Oh my gosh, I love it!

  8. So glad you had a good trip and that the plane ride went well (those can be scary). And you looked FANTASTIC in your dresses - so beautiful!

  9. What a great trip! So glad it was a success and you had a good time! Cutest. Baby. Ever.

  10. You and Liliana look beautiful. Like mother like daughter.