Sunday, October 31, 2010

Monday Minute 11/01/10

 Welcome to ANOTHER Monday Minute!  First of all, I want to send a HUGE thank you to one of the awesome Monday Minute participants.  Sonya, from Belly Charms, sent me all the html stuff so that you can take the link below the Monday Minute button and put it on your blog!  Thank you Sonya!  I do appreciate it, so much!

This week's questions are Halloween themed! Hope you guys enjoy!

As always, if you have suggestions send me an email with questions (recently, I got some from another great participant and I can't wait to use some of her awesome suggestions). If you'd ever like to co-host one week, email me for that too!  For those of you that are new, answer the questions and link up below!  Then, check out others answers.  It's a bunch of fun.


  What did you dress up as your first Halloween?
What has been your favorite Halloween costume of all time?
Do you believe in ghosts?
What's your favorite holiday of the year?
What's your favorite fall dessert?


(1) I don't recall what I was for my first Halloween, but the first one I REMEMBER was in kindergarten and I was a lamb.  I remember that I hated the costume because in San Antonio, Texas, it can still be hot as heck in October.  So, there I was, all day during school (including recess) sweating my booty off.  Now that I look back at the cute pictures, I forgive my mom.  For those of you that were curious...below is what Liliana wore for HER first Halloween!  I LOVED spending the day together as a family.

 Isn't this the cutest darn pumpkin you've ever seen??

 Evan and I had Egyptian costumes that my Mom bought from their trip to Egypt last year.

(2)  In third grade, I was a Spanish dancer and my Mom let me use bright red lipstick.  So, obviously, this was my favorite costume because I looked like a hot latina dancer!  (ok, that's what I thought in my head...I'm sure to others, I just looked like a cute little girl with make up)
(3) Nope!  Sorry guys, but I just don't.  That being said, when I was 15, I had fallen asleep on our couch at home, and when I woke up, I could have SWORN I saw some guy walking in to my parents room.  I thought it was a robber so I put my head under the covers and stayed awake for another few hours (way to protect the house right?)

(4) CHRISTMAS!  I am in LOVE with Christmas.  I look forward to the holiday all year long.  We always go ALL OUT decorating the house and one year had two Christmas trees.  If our house was large, this might make sense, but they were practically right next to each other.  Ha.  I just love how friendly people are at that time of year.  I wish it was Christmas year round.  Also, I LOVE the songs.  Christmas songs make my heart happy. That being said, I am VERY STRICT about pre celebrating.  Evan is not allowed to mutter anything about Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving.  Once Thanksgiving day rolls around though, we decorate the ENTIRE next day! YAY!

(5) I don't like pumpkin pie and Evan doesn't care for apple pie, so we don't make very many "fall" desserts.  However, I have made a Layered Pumpkin Loaf recipe twice that was AWESOME.  We ate the entire thing within a couple days.  HERE is the recipe.

 This bread is pumpkin and cream cheese...can you say YES PLEASE!?

Hope everybody had a GREAT Halloween!  Now link up and THEN start looking through your Thanksgiving recipes, because you know I'll be asking about that in a few weeks. ; )


  1. That pumpkin bread looks amazing.

    And Liliana looks so darn cute!

  2. I love your kids' eyes in the one pic. They are buggin out.

    I would love to co-host a Monday Minute and come up with some questions.

  3. What an adorable pumpkin! and that pumpkin bread looks sooooooooo good!

  4. I miss Liliana.... she's definitely the cutest pumpkin ever!!! =) Love yall!

  5. I'm super strict about the celebration timespan too! I refuse to listen to Christmas music or look at anything Christmas-y in stores until the official holiday season begins - except for me it begins on December 1st. Not sure why, it's a weird quirk I guess. Anyway, it's pretty much torture not letting myself browse the decorations in stores because I could do that for hours.

  6. That pumpkin bread looks super.

  7. I am hitting some of that Pumpkin Bread! Thanksgiving here I come!

  8. She is definitely the cutest pumpkin ever!! I love her expression in the photo with you:)