Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Guest Post: Liliana Month 5

Once again, this is Cristy's husband writing a short message to our girlie on her 5 month birthday.

Liliana Rose Sweetheart Supergirl,

That nickname used to start with "Princess," but I dropped it because I don't want you to be that kind of girl.  Those last two pretty much sum you up right now.  You are the easiest, happiest, sweetest baby in the history of babykind.  You continue to let us sleep just about as long as we want, eat like a champ, and smile like a maniac. 

You've begun pulling your blanket over your head before rolling onto your side and passing out.  You still devour your formula, but now get to eat rice and oat cereal.  You figured out really quickly how to eat off a spoon.  One of the first days you were eating rice cereal, you took the spoon from us and started chewing on it.  From then on, you ate from it no problema.  Your smile grows more infectious and more beautiful as you age.  You're laughing more and more as well.  Everyone loves to hear your adorable giggle. 

I think your most distinguishing feature is your laid-back attitude.  You don't get worked up about much and are happy being held by anyone.  This month has been all about fine-tuning.  You've learned to hold your head up better, grab out for toys better, and are almost sitting on your own.  Your favorite thing to do right now is to grab anything within reach and bring it straight to your mouth.  You also like to play in your exersaucer and, especially, your jumping jack.  I picked out your favorite toy- a package of links.  You love to suck on them and hold them in your hand.   

I certainly have fallen more in love with you.  I am so happy when I get to spend time with you and your mommy.  We have visited parks around town and gone for walks together which I absolutely adore.  You are such a cuddly little baby and I am so proud of all the progress you've made.  I love you Lili-Monster. 

I love you more than all the stars in the sky and all the fish in the sea,

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  1. That picture is adorable! And I love these sweet daddy posts!