Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Our First Family Vacation

About two weeks ago, we went to Oklahoma City.  Evan had an interview there, starting at 6:45, but it ended at 2.  Since we were able to drive from Lubbock, we splurged a little and got a nicer hotel.  The hotel was only $10 more a day than the cheap discounted rate that the medical centers find for the resident interviews, so it wasn't THAT much of a splurge financially, but what an upgrade it ended up being!

I don't know if any of you have ever been to Oklahoma City, but I strongly recommend it.  We had an amazing time there, just us three.  And though Liliana is quite the seasoned traveler at her young age (4 states in 5 months of life!), we had never been anywhere as a vacation with no purpose but to have fun with her.  It was our first family vacation.

 Our view from our hotel room.

The night before every interview, Evan has to attend dinners.  This left Liliana and I trapped in the hotel room without food!  What do to?  I called the front desk and they told me to call...


In Oklahoma City they have this neat business where you can order food from ANY place and they'll bring it to you!  They do charge $5.95 to do this, but I was left without a car and with a huge appetite.  So, 45 minutes later, I had yummy bread, baked ziti, and bread pudding in my hands.  Evan came home, still hungry after his dinner (surprise surprise, this guy can eat like nobody else I know), so he had my leftovers and was impressed as well!

The next morning, I woke up slowly and had a great morning with my baby girl.  While Evan was at his interview, I researched like the dork I am and found out there were a bunch of fun things I wanted to do!  Right after Evan got back to the hotel, we headed out to what's called Bricktown.  There at Bricktown, they have a riverwalk that reminded me a lot of the one in San Antonio.

 Bricktown has a really pretty baseball stadium.

 The Bircktown riverwalk.  Gorgeous.  I believe it's a mile long.

Along the riverwalk, there are a bunch of restaurants.  We went to a little Italian one (that kinda stunk unfortunately).  But, there was also a couple neat ones that were just a little out of our price range: Toby Keith's grille and also a REALLY cool place that was a restaurant and bowling alley all in one!  Had we not had Liliana with us, I think we would have tried that place.

 Liliana and I on the riverwalk. 

If you look closely, you can see that her right cheek is red.  She got wind burn poor thing! I put lots of lotion on there for a week and it got better.  I had to Google it to see what the heck it was.  Thank goodness for Google.  It's an essential for a new parent.  Aw heck, isn't it essential for any human?

 Daddy had a different picture in mind in front of the river.  

He puts Liliana in the tub all the time and dunks her to get her accustomed to the water, but geesh, throwing her in to the river?  A little over the top don't you think? : )

 The two of us, happy to be together.

It had been quite a few months since we got a picture of just us two, which truthfully is very sad.  So here we are, enjoying our family vacation so much and I'm so glad we took this picture.  The truth of the matter is that we're more in love than ever, so we need to make sure our children see these pictures too.

After going to Bricktown, we went to the Science Museum, but unfortunately were only able to stay for an hour because closing!  We made the most of our hour though.

 The Oklahoma City Science Museum. I highly recommend, for all ages.

 Evan sweetly posed for me.  He's such a good sport.

 Ok get this...that thing in the middle of this tree house is the nation's longest spiraling slide!  So, naturally...

 Hee hee...I had FUN sliding down!  It was a blast, but I was diiiiiizzy when I got off.

Evan was concerned, for a whopping 0.2 seconds that he was too big to go down the slide.  Then, he forgot about it and decided to be a kid at heart, which is definitely Evan.

All in all, our trip was wonderful.  It was quick and I wish, obviously, that I wouldn't have had to eat by my lonesome in the hotel room, but it was perfect for now.  Absolutely perfect.


  1. Looks like a great time! We have a menu ordering service like that, but I always forget about it.

  2. Isn't bricktown fun? My husband had to go to OKC for training for 5 months while we were engaged and we would go to Bricktown when I came in town. We did the bowling alley restaurant...it is fun! So glad you had a fun first vacay together!!

  3. I have such great memories of the science museum from when I was little. My parents used to take us and our cousins :) If you're ever back just the two of you, try Toby Keith's place ... it's wonderful :)

  4. How fun! I'm glad you were able to turn the interview into a mini vacation! It sounds great there! I also agree, goggle is amazing.

  5. I tagged ya in a post over at my place;) www.marcysmazinmoments.blogspot.com

  6. Looks like so much fun! Glad you had a great time and I love the picture of Liliana getting thrown in a river haha.

  7. Happy you had such a good time. Way to take advantage of the situation!

  8. What a fun trip- you guys deserve it! :)

  9. Sounds like a great weekend! I love when hotels have take out like that. It makes life so much easier.

  10. What a great trip - I've never been to Oklahoma City but will put it on my list!