Thursday, November 18, 2010

Stuck in ISS

Today I was SO excited for school.  As you guys know, I'm the interventionist at my school.  And I do all subjects.  Yep, apparently I'm supposed to be a pro at each subject.  And I'm sure that sounds like a breeze to you, but let me give you a tiny little quiz to show you what I had to quickly review this week so I wouldn't sound like a complete and total idiot in front of the kids while I was TEACHING them the material ...

(1) What parts of an atom are located inside and outside of a nucleus?
(2) What is the mass of a particular element from looking at the periodic table?
(3) What are the stamp act and intolerable acts?
(4) What is the equation to find the slope of a line?

If you knew the answer to all of these, then more power to you and I guess I'm dumb.  However, if you're normal and not a total geek like me, you know what I'm talking about.  I know these aren't technically difficult, but I've forgotten everything I've learned from school!  But today, not today...TODAY I knew my stuff ... I was giddy about my lesson for today. Today was ... wait for it ...


Yesterday afternoon I spent an hour thinking about the lesson plan I would give for Constitution Day.  I don't think you understand, the opportunity to teach the constitution is like crack for a law school graduate.  I made this fun flash card game and I found great reading material full of informational and interesting little tid bits.  I was ready.  I was stoked.


"the substitute for ISS cancelled just now.  We have nobody in there.  Would you please go in there?  All day."  So, that's what I've done.  I've sat in a room with all the trouble makers and have had to say "be quiet" "stay seated" "you may not speak to an adult like that" etc etc...all day long.  It has been frustrating to say the least.  And, it was my constitution day!  (I say like an over dramatic baby)

But, my ultimate goal, why I wanted to teach is because this is all supposed to be a team effort.  This is where the team needed me today and obviously, I was incredibly needed.  Somebody has to be in this room constantly.  They aren't even allowed to get a drink of water by themselves.  We all get in a single file line and walk down to do it twice a day.  It's very structured.  However, for some of these kids, it's their 3rd time in here, so I wonder "does this work?"  "Is this really punishment to them?  Or do they actually kind of like the peace and quiet?" I don't know the answer to these questions, but I do know that even though I'm glad they trusted me enough to handle this responsibility today, I needed something positive to happen ...

Bank of America SAVED THE DAY!  Do you know what I ordered today, and completely for FREE? 

Behold our free Holiday gift to ourselves.  With our credit card we get points for every dollar we spend.  Normally we have to use them for something boring that has broken around the house, but this year we were fortunate and nothing happened.  So, we built up enough points to buy a RED WII!  And ain't it a beauty people?  I know you're thinking, "the Wii has been out forever.  You are a loser."

But, as I've repeatedly told you guys, we are cheap.  Very cheap.  The only other gaming system we own is a Game Cube that I bought used for Evan three years ago for $30.  This is a very special treat for us and we can't wait to play together.  Yippee!

Don't you just love the irony in this post?  I start off being mad at children for not acting more like adults, and I'm an adult that can't wait to play with a kids toy.  Shh....don't tell them.


  1. The Wii is still fun and cool. I like it at least.

  2. I work with the ISS-type kids all day long. Man, I want to punch someone in the face.

  3. Isn't irony great? Sorry about having to sit in ISS all day long!