Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Baby Reviews: Part I

Since Liliana was born, I've wanted to review some baby products and give other Moms (or future Moms) my opinion on the best of the best.  Some products I was sure would be fine ended up being pretty horrbile and some that I thought were rather silly were quite helpful.  I know she's already eight months old nearly, but I wanted to be able to make really informed recommendations...plus, better late than never right?

I'll review the baby products by category: essentials, clothing, fun stuff, and the big stuff.  I want to add a couple disclaimers (sorry, the lawyer in me) that these are MY opinions based on my ONE child.  I'm completely aware that other children like things that Liliana might not like. HOWEVER, Liliana is pretty much the most kick ass baby alive, so you might want to read this pretty thoroughly. Second, NO company has given me any money or are even aware I'm reviewing these products.  These are entirely my own opinions.

You can click on each product and it should take you to a website where you can purchase if you want to. 

Today, I'll be giving the BEST of the


(1) Best Bibs: Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Bibs.
                      Price: $5.99 for a pack of two.
 I realize these bibs are expensive.  Trust me, there are bibs I've bought for 50 cents each, as opposed to three dollars each.  However, these bibs became my favorite when we started introducing veggies and fruits in to her diet.  Liliana is ADAMANT about feeding herself.  She hates when we try to feed her (she's independent, and perhaps, a bit stubborn ok?) so naturally food gets everywhere.  These bibs have a cushion around the neck so that the food doesn't slither down on to her clothes!  Plus, they wash BEAUTIFULLY.  They are just as great quality as the day I received them at the baby shower.  My last thing I love: the size.  So many bibs are too small for big eaters. 

They might look cute, but with bibs look for food going around the neck, good thick quality for those big spit ups, and big size for all those sweet potatoes that will be all over them.

(2) Best Diapers: Target Up and Up (for the price)
                          Price: $19.99 for 144

I've used my fair share of brands already: Pampers, Luvs, Up and Up, and Kirkland (Cost Co).  My overall favorite, if price wasn't a factor, would probably be Luvs.  However, I've done the math (you'll just have to trust me on this) and it's about $150 cheaper each year to get Target.  The Target ones perhaps aren't as absorbent as Luvs, but I'd rather change an outfit once a month (because literally that's how infrequent it is) than spend an extra $150.  As for the Kirland brand, they're BY FAR my least favorite.  Lots of leakage the entire time.

The big thing with diapers: absorbency and size.  We thought our Target brand was starting to disappoint us when we realized that Liliana just needed to move up a size.  That was a month ago.  She's only leaked out once since.

(3) Best Diaper Rash Cream: Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Diaper Rash Cream.
                                     Price: $5.94 for 3.7 oz.

I've used four types of creams: Aveeno, Butt Paste, Arbonne, and Vaseline.  I must admit that Liliana has never really had a bad rash AT ALL.  Whenever she's a little red, I put a dab of cream and that helps.  However, when she has had small rashes, the only one that I've noticed has done a DARN THING is the Aveeno one.  Therefore, it's the only one I'll use.  I have the other kinds in my diaper bags in case I'm in an emergency, but I know that once I get home, I have something that will get rid of the bumps and redness once and for all.

(4) Best Baby Oil: Arbonne Baby Care Body Oil
                            Price: $11.49

I must admit that this is probably my least educated recommendation today.  Liliana has VERY dry skin (she gets that from her Mommy) so on her face we use Vaseline and LOVE that.  But for her body, I didn't want something quite as heavy.  We had a HUGE thing of Johnson and Johnson Oil, but I didn't like it.  It was SO runny and made a mess every single time I got it out.  This Arbonne product was given to me for free as a baby gift, so of course I can recommend something that's rather costly.  HOWEVER, this would last at least a couple years so then does $11 sound so painful?  It's not runny, doesn't have a scent (good for babies with sensitive skin) and my favorite part?  You can literally get two drops of the stuff if you want to!  The whole bottle doesn't come out as it did with Johnson and Johnson.

Next part of the series will be BABY CLOTHING; the cute stuff (especially for baby girls)!


  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I just saw the tommee teepee bibs at BRU and thought they looked fantastic for the reasons you said.
    As for diapers, I'm guilty of thinking I've gotta use either huggies or pampers, but I'm an aggressive sale/coupon shopper, so I've never paid more than .15 a diaper.

  2. I might have to look into those bibs...right now feeding time has to be followed by bath time!

  3. Thanks for the post! Definitely helpful to know for the future!