Sunday, January 30, 2011

Monday Minute 1/31/11

Well, we're officially already 1/12th through 2011.  That's pretty nuts people.  You know what else is nuts and awesome?  It's time for a Monday Minute!

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(1) What's your favorite time of day?
(2) Do you and your significant other send sexy texts?
(3) If you got your dream job anywhere in the US, where would you choose to move to?
(4) What are you wearing?
(5) If given a choice to skip work for a day, how would you spend the entire day?


(1) On weekends, I just LOVE our mornings.  Since Liliana is such an amazing sleeper, we wake up in peace and cuddle for a little while.  Then, when she does wake up, we all stay in our PJ's for a couple hours and play.  During the week, I like the after dinner/ before baby goes to sleep time.  We just watch Liliana crawl/ roll around everywhere and have a great time together as a family.  It's pretty splendid.

(2) SURE DO!  ; )  It's important to let each other know we're thinking of one another throughout the day! We do have to be careful though because my kiddos see my phone all the time and Evan's around doctors all day either in the OR or when he's rounding.  Don't want anybody to see something they shouldn't be seeing! 

(3) Believe it or not ... thanks to my brilliant husband, we're moving to our top choice, Little Rock!  A little adventure is exactly what Evan and I love.  I say little though because our moving to Little Rock will still be a relatively short plane ride for my parents to come see us and we have tons of Evan's family in Little Rock to hang out with all the time.  I know I should say some awesome place like San Francisco, but it's too damn expensive to live there and it's too far from any family.  

 (4) Workout clothes: Texas Tech School of law T-shirt, workout spandex pants that I bought at TJMaxx yesterday, and my tennis shoes.  I still haven't showered.  EWWW.  

(5) Well, right now, I'd say I'd continue packing up the house.  That is pretty much the ONLY THING we did this weekend.  We even had some amazing friends come help and I feel like we BARELY made a dent.  NORMALLY though, I'd take some spa time if I don't mind.  I haven't had a pedicure, haircut, or eyebrow wax since my Mom was here after Liliana was born.  She's 8 months.  Oh and a massage.  Can I add that to the list?

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    Vday give away!

  2. you gotta teach those kids about the birds and the bees someday. Why do the birds and bees have sex each other anyway? Who usually dominates?

  3. Workout clothes are the way to go. So comfy!

    And the hubs and I send sexy texts all the time. It really helps get us through the work day!