Friday, January 7, 2011


Guess who said Dada yesterday?

We were doing some grocery shopping at market street.  Liliana has been sitting in the front of the cart for a couple weeks now and LOVES it.  She smiles and gets friendly with just about everybody.  She also likes to talk to everyone.  So, in the produce section she started trying to have conversations with just about anybody that was willing to listen.

She started her typical "blah ba ba ba ba" and before I knew it, she looked at me and said "Da da."

I am completely aware this wasn't intentional.  I am completely aware that she has no idea that Evan is in fact the "Dada" she speaks of.

But at that moment, I put a HUGE smile on my face and kissed her a million times.

The only downside of it all?  Evan was by the tomatoes ... we were by the mushrooms ... he didn't hear it!  Maybe next time he will.

On a completely unrelated note...Texas Aggies v. LSU Tigers tonight!  I have EVERYTHING Aggie today (even maroon undies and bra if you must know).  I have been thinking about this game all week long.

As you can see, Liliana is a BIG sports fan, so she's in her Aggie gear today too. 

Gig 'em Aggies!


  1. That's so exciting! How old is your little one? I can't wait to hear my baby say something other than "blah blaaaaaaa" :)

  2. Isn't awesome? The Boy regularly babbles MaMa and DaDa.