Saturday, January 22, 2011

Happy 8 Month Birthday Liliana!

Dear Liliana:

Happy 8 Month Birthday my darling!  What a month it has been: your first Christmas, your first New Years, AND your first Three Kings Day!  You, of course, were a complete joy throughout it all.

 You put grass in the shoe box for Three Kings and they brought you some books in Spanish!

Let me see, what kind of things can I tell you about this month?  Well, you still don't have ONE tooth!  Silly girl, you're just like Mommy who didn't get her first tooth until she was 11 months.  You still aren't crawling, which I must admit, has Mommy concerned everyday while Daddy continues to say that you still have a few MONTHS before we would have to worry, haha.  You still are EXTREMELY mobile though.  You army crawl in circles and ROLL EVERYWHERE.  You can roll from one side of the room to the other in less than a minute, it's pretty impressive actually.  The thing that has you army crawling the most?  Your nasal aspirator!  I don't know what it is with that thing, but you'll do just about anything to get to play with it.  Nope, not the billions of toys that you have, but your nasal aspirator.

 Mommy became VERY attached to you over the 2 weeks she was off for Christmas break.  She CRIED the entire night before going back to work.  She just knew she'd miss that smile all day.

But, Mommy LOVES work and soon remembered that she still gets to share SO many special memories with you.  You'll be a little Beethoven before we know it.

Everybody over Christmas had SO much fun with you.  They all said you were the sweetest and most easy going baby they had ever met, and I truly think they meant it.  You also got some comments on how ... well ... BIG you are!  Not just necessarily fat, but BIG.  You're a big baby, just like your Daddy was.  You're weighing 20 pounds already, and for a girl, that's pretty large.  You're in all 9 month clothing, 6 - 9 month stuff looks hilariously small to us.  You're still in size 3 diapers, and, I gather you'll remain in those for a while.

Grammy made sure to spoil you with love and gifts over Christmas!

And by the looks of this picture, I think you like being with Padrino just as much as he loves being with you!

You're eating pretty much every single fruit or veggie under the sun.  You get one helping of each every day and eat 6 ounces every four hours otherwise.  Somehow, your sleep got EVEN BETTER this month: 13 or 14 hours straight at night sometimes.  Usually, WE have to wake you up on our way to work so we can take you to daycare.

You love your jumperoo and go NUTS jumping up and down in it.  You also move forwards and backwards in your walker very easily.  You LOVE playing peek a boo with people too. Your favorite activity though? TALKING!  You now say Mama and Dada regularly.  Today you said Daddy, so now we have three real words that you're repeating. 

The main observation I made about you this month was how darn observant you are.  You're such a wiggle worm and love to touch anything in sight, especially if it's something I'm messing with: the computer, remote, phone, or even a piece of paper.  You could sit and watch people all day if we let you.  At the grocery store, you love sitting in the shopping cart up front.  You look like such a big girl!  Your ability to sit in the front of the cart has made shopping MUCH easier, so thank you.

Thanks for giving us so many laughs and for being such an easy going beautiful, intelligent baby girl.  We can't believe you're already 8 months old.  I love you Liliana.  I really simply do.   You are my sunshine.  Daddy and I love nothing more than to sit in your little playroom (that used to be the dining room) and play with you for hours.  It's BY FAR our favorite past time.

 You are GORGEOUS by the way.  We can't go 5 feet without being stopped by people commenting on your eyes.  They sure do shine. 

Love, Mommy


  1. Aww! Too cute!
    At 8 months, I wouldn't be worried about the crawling. Too soon to worry!

    And I understand BIG. My almost 5 month old is already 17.5 lbs and in those same size 3 diapers. Crazy!!

    I'm really looking forward to your next favorite baby things post.

  2. She's so cute! Mine will be 8 months in a week and a half and she's in 18 month clothes and still wears size 3 diapers, so you're good for a while :)