Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Burnt Out

The last couple weeks have been tough and exhausting.  Evan has been working nights lately, and a BUNCH of them too...since February 28th, he has been gone 7 evenings.  If you do the math, that's almost every single night.  He works 7 pm to 7 am.  I get home from work around 4:45. Evan leaves at 6:30.  So that means I see him for less than 2 hours a day.  I miss him a lot.

And then there's this whiney girl in me that misses his help.  Working full time AND doing everything around the house got exhausting this week.  I truly have SO much respect for single mothers.  I don't know how they do it!  When Liliana's at her best, it's not tough.  But this week she got sick for a couple days.  She had a fever that lasted momentarily, but then she got a bunch of ulcers in her throat poor darling.  This obvioulsy made her really fussy.  THAT was when I realized how helpful it is to have a husband that helps me SO much.

When I say that he helps more than I've ever seen, I mean that.  I've had SO SO SO many women tell me that they've never seen a father as helpful and involved as Evan (this includes my sister-in-law, Mom, AND Mother-in-law). Every woman sees Evan going grocery shopping with her, or to the restroom to change her diaper and they look at me in amazement like .... "how were you so lucky to get that?" Evan LOVES watching Liliana.  He thinks it's a blast to change her diaper.  And if she wakes up early on the weekend?  He insists SOMEHOW that I've had a tough week and that he should get up and be with her.  When she was a newborn, he got up MORE often in the middle of the night than I did.  And, he NEVER ONCE complained.  He did it, from the kindness of his heart. I am so thankful for that.  I am so thankful to see the love he has for his little one.

To add to my stress this week is of course the fact that our house is on the market.  Keeping a pristine home is TOUGH!  I never realized how often I leave little things around the house, or how much of a pain it would be to put laundry and dishes away immediately in case I get a call that the house is going to show. 

The additional stress?  We're going to Little Rock this Thursday!  Why?  I have TWO job interviews!

Yes, that's GREAT news.  But, I have to pack all my stuff, Liliana's stuff, arrange for the dog to go to the kennel, talk to the neighbors so they can turn the lamps on in our house every morning in case it shows, etc etc.

As for my interviews, I can't say too much about them, however ... hopefully I'll have some more news for you guys when I get back!  We'll see...just wish me luck.

Through all this stress, I've just kept telling myself to relax, because guess what I'll be seeing on Saturday?


Want a couple pictures as a sneak peek?

LOVE my soon-to-be kitchen!
YAY for granite countertops, I won't have to worry about putting trivets under everything everyday now.
The view that sold me on the internet.
I LOVE open floor plans in houses.  The living room, kitchen, AND an eating area all in one room.  
I'm in love.

I'm so excited to decorate a new house (with the same stuff I have now, but still).

Yeah, seeing the house is going to be a BLAST.  And hopefully my interviews will go well and BOTH lead to offers.  And hopefully while we're there, the house here will sell!

P.S. I forgot to mention...my throat is super sore now.  Sigh ... the joy of getting all your kids colds! ; )

P.P.S. Sorry I just wrote a post bitching about everything.  I'm entitled to it ... I've been sleeping horribly without my sexy man wrapping his arms around me. BOO! haha.


  1. Best of luck on your interviews! I can fully understand how hard it is to keep the house clean, take care of the baby, and work. I imagine it's even harder when you work full time.

  2. The house looks gorgeous! I love the kitchen and can't wait to see the rest!

  3. Sorry it's been a rough week for you and I hope that you find time to relax and enjoy time with your hubby.

    Good luck with the interviews; that's great news!

  4. Love the layout of your kitchen, that is such a great shape and the open floor plan is awesome, Lilliana can play and you can be in the kitchen and still see her that is so great! Good luck on your interviews, I know you will find a great job.

  5. Wow your new home is GORGEOUS!! I love the kitchen!! I am sorry you've had such a rough week, and I hope your hubby's schedule dies down a bit so he can help you out, especially since he's so great at it! Good luck in the job interviews!!!

  6. yay for the new house and the job prospects! good luck in the interviews.

    and it's perfectly alright with me if you bitch ... everybody's entitled to that every now and again.

  7. Hi there! I ran across your blog several months ago and visited from time to time when I was pregnant with my son. I'm just now checking back in and noticed that you are moving to my city! Not sure if you know much about Little Rock, but I think you will enjoy living and working here! Feel free to email me with any questions you might have: stacyleigh01@yahoo.com

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