Thursday, March 17, 2011

Teen Mom

I have SO much to tell you guys about ... I was just in Little Rock for 5 days and had a couple job interviews, found a daycare for Liliana, AND saw our house for the first time.  It was VERY productive, quite busy, but mostly exciting.  Now that we saw our home and now that I know where I want to work (which I'll keep hush hush on this blog until I hear anything), I just want to move there!  I want to be in our house and start living our lives there!  We're just sitting here going through the motions in the mean time.

ANYWAY since the main thing I truly do want to tell you guys about is the job interviews, and since I don't want to talk about those until I know more, I've decided to write about something I've wanted to write about for quite some time. 

Confession time:

Hello, my name is Cristina, and for some twisted and nutty reason, I record and watch the show Teen Mom.

I have read COUNTLESS blogs about women saying this show makes girls wants to have kiddos and makes teen pregnant look fun.  I could not disagree with them more!  I don't think I'm watching the same show as them.  I think Teen Mom makes motherhood look absolutely horrifying.  In fact, even though I'm a mom, the show makes me wonder "am I ready to do that?"  It teaches you how big of a responsibility it is.  It makes the stress of being a mom, the stress of keeping a relationship with the Dad, and of course, HOPING to not completely mess up the babies life look impossible.

So here's what I think about the current Mommy's:

Kailyn: From what I can tell, this girl kind of abused of some very kind parents.  Joe's parents were more than willing to have her live there as long as she didn't date somebody else and she just went and dated somebody anyway!  I'm sorry, but your kid is like 6 months old ... can't you not date for a little while?  She has trouble securing finances, went to go live with her Mom, rarely gets to see her son, and works at Sports Authority part time.  Doesn't exactly sound like that would make a 16 year old want to get pregnant, does it?

Leah: This little couple is SO southern and their grammar makes me want to pull my hair out.  They're actually trying to be together, but they had TWINS and got pregnant only after a month of dating.  This, I think, would make young girls realize not only the importance of safe sex ... but, how about getting to know the guy before sleeping with them?  I don't get how girls sleep with their boyfriends after such a short period of time.  Get to know the guy!  Anyway, one of their twins has development problems and every time they show the little girl, I cry.  I know, I'm such a wimp, but it just breaks my heart.  I imagine Liliana going in to get an MRI and it makes me cry!  I think this couple is trying their very best, but the stress of getting married and having twins is SO much to handle at 19.

Jenelle:  This girl ... well ... she should have NEVER BEEN ALLOWED to have sex.   I'm sorry if that sounds cruel, but she's a joke of a parent, if you can even call her that.  Her Mother has custody of her kid and while her Mom is pretty crazy too, at least she doesn't get high all the time, so she's more successful than Jenelle.  Again, this girl DEFINITELY doesn't make it look fun to be a parent.

Chelsea: Out of all the girls, I think Leah and Chelsea are giving their kids the best chance at having a normal life.  While the Daddy of this baby is a loser, and even though Chelsea has yet to graduate high school, she seems to do a good job with her baby.  The best thing Chelsea has going for her is her Dad.  Her dad is VERY involved in his granddaughter's life.  Again though ... NOT fun.  She can't get her GED because all she does it fight with the Daddy and take care of her daughter.  She's HOPING to go to beauty school and I don't doubt she would have achieved that goal had she not gotten pregnant.

SO there you have it.  I personally like the show.  I'm aware it's trashy reality, but I like seeing the babies grow, I like thinking to myself "well I'm a WAY better parent than they are!" and I like the message ... "this is HARD work!"

ANOTHER thing: I've read on some people's blogs that these girls get paid by Morgan Freeman to be on the show and that's ridiculous.  Correction to these misinformed readers: the girls get money FOR THE KIDS college fund.  I think that's a great payment. 

You guys might disagree with my opinion on the show, but these are my thoughts!  Being a pregnant teen sounds terrifying and I think this show shows that.  Heck, being a pregnant person, no matter the age, is terrifying. I think as long as people REALIZE that you're probably never really "ready" to be parents, then you'll be ok.  It's a learning process as you go...but for one hour a week, I like feeling like parent of the week! (haha)


  1. I watch Teen Mom, and 16 and Pregnant too!
    Jenelle... wow... she is a MESS and she and her mom need some serious serious counseling!!

  2. I dont watch it,not because I think it promotes teen pregnancy but because I have had it happen to a couple of girls that I consider nieces, my best friends kid and my sons cousins. It has tore my heart out to see 2 14yo's and a 15yo get pregnant. I just dont want to watch it on tv, lol.

  3. I love the show!
    Jenelle and her Mom just make me so stressed, and I wish that they would both just change.
    Kailyn's boyfriend's parents at first seemed nice, but now I really don't like them.
    Chelsea and Leah both seem like really good Moms. And Corey surprised me with being a good Dad.
    Also on a side note, it's funny how much Chelsea and Leah remind me of Maci and Farrah from last season. :)

  4. Sorry. No. Feel the same about The Bachelor/ette and other similar shows.

  5. I tivo Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant. Its a train wreck, but I can't help it. I too think it paints a picture of why isn't not a good idea to become a mother when you are a teen. I have to agree with all of your comments on the girls too.

  6. I don't watch the I should probably refrain from commenting...but I just had one thing to say in response to you comment about Chelsea: you said "I don't doubt she would have achieved that goal had she not gotten pregnant." She may still achieve that goal...speaking from experience (I was 18 when my daughter was born and did not marry the father) will be harder, it may take longer, but it can still be done. My college experience was delayed and took longer and was not what most of my classmates had experienced, but the end result is I graduated, with honors. So it CAN be done..but you have to want it and work for it...and have help.