Sunday, March 27, 2011

Monday Minute 03/28/11

Welcome to another edition of the Monday Minute!  I hope this week I can blog with some good news: both about a job prospect of mine AND my best friend is over 40 weeks pregnant, so hopefully I'll be announcing a birth too!

BUT for now, let's answer some MM questions shall we?

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(1) Where do you get your pizza from?
(2) How would you define your decorating style?
(3) Where do you regularly buy your clothes?
(4) What was the last clothing item you purchased?
(5) What do you prefer in your home: candles or flowers?


(1) Well, we vary it up, but BY FAR my favorite is Pizza Hut. My perfect pizza, you know, the kind I get when I have a bad day, is Hawaiian stuffed crust from Pizza Hut with some of their bread sticks on the side.  Pure yummy.

(2) I don't know the technical terms for this: modern, contemporary, etc. but I'd define it as "modern comfortable."  We want a home that invites people to take off their shoes, lie down, and relax, but definetely aren't fans of wall paper or old (antique, etc) items. 

Here's our livingroom...what would you call this style?  I'm clueless about this kind of stuff.

(3) I've tried my hardest for the last 4 years to not buy much clothes since two students don't make what you would call ... money.  BUT, since I worked as a law clerk and now as a teacher, I obviously needed to buy some stuff.  I tend to have GREAT luck at New York and Company.  I always find coupons for $75 off of a $150 purchase.  My family gives me gift cards there, so then I'll have $75 in gift cards and get $150 worth of clothes for NOTHING.  That's my favorite kind of shopping spree!  I also LOVE their jewelry.  Evan often gets me stuff from there and gives them to me as little surprise gifts.  I was given this one as a surprise before my job interview a couple weeks ago.  Sweet husband huh?

(4) Well we had "family pictures" taken yesterday by one of my best friends and in order to look kinda matchy matchy, we took a family trip to Old Navy.  I bought a white t-shirt, denim skirt, and the cutest shoes.  I hope the pictures came out nicely! 

Aren't they super cute?

(5) I like both, but I LOVE flowers.  Evan is always getting me flowers to be sweet.  Don't know if you guys have a Sun Harvest wherever you live, but they are SO affordable there!  A big, pretty bouquet is $3.99!  

Hope you guys have a great week and liked the questions this week!


  1. Mmmmm hawaiian pizza. Love me some pineapples. I participated this time. It's been awhile.

  2. If I get pizza, always must have pineapple. You family room looks good and comfy and prefect too for your little one.

  3. I'm generally a boring pizza person, pepperoni or plain cheese, but I LOVE stuffed crust! :) Super cute shoes, lady!