Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Little Education Rant ...

I haven't written about my job lately.  Quite frankly, even though I'm at work more than I'm anywhere else, it's not usually what I want to write about.  I want to write about my sweet husband who has been working nights the last few evenings and whom I miss terribly.  Seeing him from 4:45 - 6:30 just ain't cutting it.  I want to write about my little girl who started big girl daycare recently and is kicking butt at it.  She's crawling, pulling up, saying quite a few words, and pointing to EVERYTHING in sight while giggling about it.  I want to write about our house in Little Rock and the one here.  The one in Lubbock is officially on the market and has had 4 showings, but no offers yet.  We're hoping it sells soon.  We think our home here is pretty darn incredible and anybody would be lucky to have it.  I still haven't seen our home in Little Rock, but Evan has.  He went last Friday for the inspection and while, of course, the inspection report wasn't perfect (the house was built in the 70's so naturally things happen), it was apparently quite good for a house of that age and especially in our budget.

BUT today, I'll talk about my job.  For the most part, I like it.  I think the day flies by.  I mean, in general, I start getting a little flustered around 2:30, but by that part of the day, I have so little left that I don't mind it.

The kids continue to be VERY behavioral.  We have so many problems with about 15 kids per grade level that it causes the entire school sometimes to go crazy.  For the most part, I love the staff.  They're all in it together, are smart teachers, and work hard.  Of course everynow and then, one of them has a weak day, but who doesn't?  I definetely have days where I'm not at 100% and just feel like curling up in a little ball without accomplishing anything.  NOW that I'm an adult, I realize those were our favorite 'movie days.'  Ha.

HOWEVER, I've made a few observations since I've started teaching and I wanted to jot them down.  They're opinionated observations, I realize that, but I can finally say that I have enough knowledge to make solid observations:

(1) There is no way Liliana will be attending a public middle school until Texas gets their laws in order.  Currently in Texas, there is no limit as to how many students you can have in a classroom.  Even GREAT school districts have some classrooms with 30 students in there.  That's TOO many for one teacher to handle!  I am a HUGE believer in small classroom size.  The students get more indivudal attention.  Additionally, I'm not sure we challenge our kids enough.  We have some kids here that are BRILLIANT, but since they act just fine, they're not getting the attention they need.  I want teachers that NOTICE their good qualities and run with it.  I also want teachers that have the ABILITY to challenge them. 

(2) Teachers aren't the only important people in the system.  The vast majority of teachers at the school are actually quite smart.  I've been very impressed.  However, the system needs to remember that children see EVERYONE, not just the teachers in a classroom.  I hear some of the ways others speak to the kids and their grammar is horrendous.  If we want children to speak properly, we have to speak properly to them in the first place!  If we sound like idiots, they'll start sounding like idiots too!

(3) My children, whether they like it or not, will be CHALLENGED.  I've always known education is important, that's part of the reason I went to law school and part of the reason I found my spouse so attractive.  A well spoken educated man is incredibly sexy in my book.  But teaching has shown me the importance of education.  When I say education, I don't just mean being book smart.  I think extracurricular activities are almost as important.  I will STRESS EDUCATION until they're sick of it.  They need to be reading, they need to be trying their best, and most importantly, I need to make sure they're being CHALLENGED. 

Our children will go to a great school, maybe public maybe private...I'll have to do my research when the time comes.  But you can bet I'll make sure they're being challenged.  


  1. Your post reminded me of my mother (a third grade teacher) who stealthily corrects the grammar of the teachers' notes on the whiteboard in the staff room. How sad is that?

    I don't think this is a new problem, either, she recently told me that I corrected my kindergarten teacher's grammar. Whoo-boy.

  2. And I just noticed a comma splice in my comment. Sigh.

  3. The last bit reminds me of my dad. He was always going on about math and how we should use it everyday and know how to do it in our head.
    Now, I will sit there and do math in my head with everything. Including driving, figuring out what speed I'm going and the distance and do the math in my head to figure out how soon I will get there.
    It really bothers me when people can't do basic math without a calculator./end rant lol

  4. I need to get back to you with some stuff about Little Rock! I am excited about you moving! It will be neat to have a new friend to add to my list in that area! :-)

    I don't know the state of the public school system in that area, but I do know of 2 excellent private schools that I would recommend when the day comes if you need/desire!

    Also have a few daycare options to send to you!

  5. I love that you get upset about this. It shows me that you are exactly the woman I think you are. It proves that you still have it in you to care. I know that wherever you end up working, you will rise to the top and make great changes that will influence many lives. You are an impressive woman.

    We're kind of slow right now, so I was thinking of you and decided to check your blog. I love you Cristy.

    Can you do a blog post telling people that a stomach bug is NOT a reason to go to the EMERGENCY room? Thanks!

  6. I’ve just implemented this on my blog and it worked perfectly. I appreciate you sharing this advice.