Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What did I wear today? Outfit pictures below!

This sounds silly ... but I have sent Evan a picture of what I'm wearing to work a few times.  See, Evan leaves EARLY EARLY every single morning (ahh ... the life of  a resident) and by the time he gets home in the evenings, I'm in my work out clothes looking sweaty and stinking like BO.  SO, I want him to occasionally see his wifey looking nice. 

Therefore, I take a little poorly lit picture for him to see.  He always responds "holy jesus you're beautiful" or something like that (that's the one I got today).  It makes me feel nice to hear a compliment at 6:45 in the morning.  I think everyone should get a compliment BEFORE even heading to work.  Now THAT is a way to start off your day!

Anyway, I thought I would share for you guys what I wear to work lots of days.  I've seen "outfit" posts on blogs before and I always like seeing how people dress and what creative yet classy ways they put thier clothes together.  My FAVORITE thing about those posts?  When people say WHERE they bought stuff because sometimes I want to copy cat and buy it too!

I wore this to work a few weeks ago and had SO many compliments on the dress.  My Momma bought it for me at Belks.  I'm actually wearing it backwards!  It's low cut in the front and not appropriate for work, so my Mom had the idea to simply turn it around.  She's a smart woman!

Dress: Belks ($40 on sale)
Shoes: Carlos Santana (bought 5 years ago)
Earrings: gift from Evan from NY & Co ($10)

Even though this shirt is longer, I wore it in August because it was sheer and breathes so well!  That's exactly what I need in these hot summer months.

Shirt: The Limited ($30 at a 40% off sale)
Pants: NY & Co (free bc I had a ton of gift cards)
Shoes: NY & Co (free bc I had a ton of gift cards)

This outfit was a little on the boring side, but I really like the necklace and durability of that shirt ... it is TEN years old!  Gotta love the Banana Republic Outfit.

Shirt: Banana Republic Outlet ($14)
Pants: NY & Co (again, ton of gift cards)
Necklace: The Limited ($18 bc I had a buy one get one free coupon)
Shoes: TJMaxx ($14 in clearance rack)

Here I am today! I really should take these with a decent camera huh?

Shirt: The Limited ($16 in a 40% off sale ... I did damage that day, even with great prices!)
Pants: Old Navy ($20.  They occasionally have some GREAT slacks)
Shoes: NY & Co (same from above pictures)
Bracelet: Park Lane Jewelry (don't know how much it cost, it was a gift)

There ya have it!  While getting dressed every morning is a little stressful, it's actually quite fun to plan my outfit out.  The only problem?  I'm also starting to like shopping!  To make matters worse, my husband and I don't have the typical relationship where he says I shop too much.  He ALWAYS tells me I worked hard to get back in to my pre-pregnancy clothes and should reward myself. ... well ... if you insist! 

Have you guys seen any good sales lately that I have to hit? : )


  1. I LOVED the outfit you had on when we got there Friday! You should post that one too! =)

  2. A great wy to celebrate...YOU! The outfits are great and we don't have Belks here but looks like a good store:)