Tuesday, April 17, 2012

DIY Step by Step No Sew $8 15 minute Valance!

The last couple of days, Evan and I have become quite the connoisseurs when it comes to making valances. The only problem, originally, is that we had no idea how to make them.  But with a little bit of brain power, patience, and some adhesive tape, we now have two gorgeous valances hanging in Gloria's room!

Each valance ended up costing only $8!  I saw some on etsy that I really liked, but they were $35 each and I thought "I can make that!"

Well, here's the ONE tricky part: I don't own a sewing machine.  Sure, I could buy one, but the cheap in me started getting creative.

So if you have 15 minutes, $8, don't want to sew, but need a cute window treatment?  This DIY project is for you!

Here is a step by step run down of how to make it happen.

DIY No Sew Valance

(1) First, go to the fabric store and get one yard of fabric.  If you can, get them to cut it for you (might as well right?) to the dimensions you need.  Our windows were about 35 inches wide so we had them cut the fabric 32 by 40 to make the valances approximately 15 inches long.

(2) Lay the fabric out, apply adhesive tape on two ends (where it measures 40 inches), and press down just to secure it.

(3) Next, apply adhesive to the bottom end.  Remove the adhesive sticker (like you did above), but do not apply fabric to it just yet.

(4)  Next, fold the other side over and you are essentially going to make the fabric stick so that you could stick your hands completely through it.

(5) Keep toddler as entertained as possible while trying to explain to her that this project is not for her to play with (aka "Liliana, stay off the fabric!!!")

(6) Fold the fabric over to your desired length (ours was 15 inches) and have adhesive to the rest.

(7) Iron it all to make the adhesive permanently stick.  This takes no time at all.  HINT: if you are doing two curtains, it is a good idea to make sure they match and are the same size BEFORE ironing (learned that one the hard way).

(Big pregnancy belly pic!)

(8) Place your new curtains on the rod and marvel at the finished, fast, cheap product!!

What a difference these valances make!  For only $16 dollars, the room went from THIS

 to ... this!

PS You might notice a couple fabric swatches in hoops on the left wall ... that's another project that I plan on posting about!  Gloria's nursery is really coming together!

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