Monday, April 9, 2012

On My Way To the Hospital

I was planning on writing about our Easter weekend b/c Liliana really had a great one.  However, I'm about to head to the hospital and just needed to get my thoughts out there.  For the record, no, I am NOT in pre-term labor. 

Let's back up ...

On Thursday evening, Evan didn't get home until nearly 10 pm.  Around 8, I started feeling really crappy. I can't really describe what was wrong, but I didn't feel well, my stomach was hurting, and I felt like vomiting.  It didn't feel pregnancy related. 

We went to sleep quickly after he got home and since I didn't have work on Friday, I slept in until about 7:30 (by then I had over 8 hours and my body isn't doing well with sleeping longer than that these days).  I felt better on Friday (though not fabulous) and thought I had had a little stomach bug the night before.  On Saturday, we woke up to head to Liliana's easter egg hunt.  I had to pee before we left and the second I went, I knew something was up.

Unfortunately I know these syptoms all too well: urine hurt when it came out, I felt like I had to go the second I had just finished, etc. Diagnosis: I had a UTI.

UTIs (aka urinary tract infections) and I have gotten to know each other VERY well over the last few years.  I have recurrent UTIs and since Evan's a Urologist, I am SO very thankful for him.  I hadn't gotten one in a REALLY long time because he has me on a medication that I take post-intercourse to prevent my getting them.  The last couple of weeks though, I hadn't taken them post-sex.  Don't know why.  It was laziness to be honest.  It's easier to lay together and cuddle rather than go get medication.  BOY that was STUPID. I am VERY mad at myself about that now.

So after I went to the restroom, I immediately told Evan I had a bad UTI and he started me on medications to try and treat the UTI.  UTIs in pregnant women are different than those that aren't pregnant, and some medications that would give me more immediate relief aren't recommended during pregnancy.  I took the medication all day on Saturday and by Sunday, I was feeling pretty miserable and still no relief after using the restroom.

I started feeling warm and it hurt so badly when I used the restroom that Evan called in another medication to help numb the bladder.  While this helped TREMENDOUSLY with the pain when I used the restroom, Evan was growing very concerned that the infection wasn't being treated.  A concern of a UTI is that it can lead to a kidney infection which apparently is VERY bad news for a pregnant lady ... so he has been keeping a CLOSE eye on me this weekend.  According to the internet, kidney infections in pregnant women can lead to premature labor and low birth weights for baby.  Not good.

Whenever I let the "bladder numbing" medication not be in my system, it hurts when I use the restroom which is telling us that the other medication isn't killing the UTI.  This probably means I need to use another medication, but without getting a urine culture, we don't know which one.  Evan had me under very strict orders today that if I still felt miserable and wasn't feeling better, I had to call my OB/GYN because he wanted me checked out.

Unfortunately the news today isn't good.  I called the OB and as Evan thought, they want me to come TODAY right after work b/c they're concerned about a kidney infection as well.  While I highly doubt it is a kidney infection, we still have to check, and I'm not excited about it, not one bit.

So right after work, I'm headed to the hospital. Evan is still at work, but will join me as soon as he can.  In the mean time, I just wanted to get my thoughts out there.  Sorry they're kinda incoherent. I'm kinda worried.  I'm sure all is ok, but in the mean time, I am uncomfortable and really want to solve this.  Evan already called the resident on call and let them know I was coming so fortunately I won't have a long wait.  Most likely this is a simple solution: the strain of medication he put me on doesn't treat the certain bacteria in my UTI and we just need to switch medications. 

But women always assume the worst right?

Oh my lovely  Gloria, you're only 25 weeks in Mommy's  belly but she already adores you.  I know you'll be ok, but we have to make sure and I'm about to go do that right now.


  1. Fingers crossed it gets worke out quickly and you're no longer in pain!

  2. Hope they can get you straightened out ASAP. Prayers!

  3. Hubby told me his ex-fiancee always got one post-intercourse (was pleasatly surprised I don't) and my mom struggles with them so much. I would be so lazy taking med's after if it was me! I am really afraid of them, even though I have only had one before. I hope everything works out okay for you.

  4. The best is to (Don't hit me) remain as calm as possible. You have a hubby who is a doctor. Everyone is right on top of it and you are going to receive the best care! Your family and friends are with you and that is important. You did not wait as you knew the signs right away and you listened to your instincts. I have had this more than once to the point there was plenty of blood and it is most uncomfortable. You are smart and you are getting the best of care. Drink plenty of cranberry juice, if you can. It is great for urinary infections. take care!! Baby is safe!!

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