Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"Do What You Love" Free Print!

As I mentioned last month, I plan on doing a free print every month just so people can have cute prints all over their house (or cycle them every few weeks like I do).  I have kept up with my etsy shop and have had a GREAT time with it for the last couple months.  I have quite a few prints in there now and keep putting some new ones up every week!  It's a BLAST!

This month's print has special meaning to me because it's a phrase just like this that really made ME reevaluate my life.  As a lawyer who works in a school, I would say that I'm pretty keen on the phrase "do what you love."  I do think that is SO important!  There are some lawyers out there that work in the firm setting and LOVE what they do and I think that's fabulous.  It wasn't MY perfect calling, but I knew that I could put this degree to some good use and I do nearly every single day.  Doing what you love, even if it means some might think you're crazy, or if you take a pay cut, is SO important!

To grab the free print, just click on it at the bottom of the post and save to your computer.  Then, just send the print off to Sams, Walmart, or wherever and it should look great!  It should work for an 8 by 10 print.  Here is what it would look like in a pretty frame at home, or better yet, in your office!

The ONLY thing I ask before you grab the free print is:

(1) that you go to my etsy shop and leave a comment telling me what your favorite print is (it really helps me to see what's popular and what isn't) AND

(2) that you start following the blog if you don't already!

Other than that, print away and remember to "do what you love!" : )


  1. I LOVE When life hands you lemons, make brownies!!


  2. How do I print out the freebie?

  3. I love all your prints that have significant dates for events and people.