Monday, April 16, 2012

Snip Snip!

We've been wanting to cut Liliana's hair for a LONG time now.  She doesn't have much hair, at all, and it's very slow growing, but in the back and around the ears it is INSANE.  With not much up top, and a ton in the back, the poor girl was channeling the 1980s and had a mullet.

We have trimmed her hair ourselves a few times but this time it needed some professional intervention.  There is a cute little kiddo salon less than 5 minutes from our home but it closes at 5:30 on Saturday and Evan's always working (he wanted to be there for the first real haircut).  This time, we had a slight break in his getting paged and flew to the salon when we had the opporutnity.

I was so excited to get the FREAK out pictures ... like this:

But, alas, Liliana was her typical happy go lucky kid and just LOVED getting the attention of being in the fun chair.   And, they gave her a lollipop.  That makes my kiddo VERY happy.

While we waited to get her hair cut, she made a creepy/ freaked out/ excited face.  As you can see, that hair in the back was kinda nasty.

When they offered her the lollipop though?  She was in heaven!

And the entire time they cut her hair, she just sat there with her sucker, looking cute as can be.

She got so excited every time we told her how pretty her new haircut looked!

Mommy had to get a good look to make sure she approved (which she did by the way).

And in the back?  Pure ADORABLE bob!

Liliana's pretty happy with the result.  Especially when she has pasta sauce all over her face:

It even looks cute when we're writing our 2 year old thesis:

But honestly, this girl is a complete BEAUTY, so when does she not look stunning?

LOVE her.


  1. So cute! The haircut looks great.

  2. lol okay, you're not biased. She is pretty gorgeous. Those cheeks!