Wednesday, April 18, 2012

We've Come a LONG Way

The other day I was feeling pretty down in the dumps in terms of progress we've made on redecorating the house lately.  We have a GREAT time doing it, and it has kind of become our new weekend hobby when Evan is off of work, but I feel like our transformations are underwhelming (is that even a word?) and barely noticeable.

We still have SO many things we'd like to do to the house, but I was feeling a little unispired.  Then I looked back at the before pictures ...

And the inspiration is back!  In 3 short months, we have accomplished quite a lot in our living room, the pantry, the nursery, and the playroom (as evidenced below).  Although not one of those projects is 100% done, is a project EVER completely done?

So before we went any further, I decided to give our realtor a call.  I wanted to know if some of our possible future projects were even worth it!  I thought she would tell me I'm a crazy woman, but she told me she SO wished clients would call before doing renovations. 

She's coming over this evening and I hav esome BIG dream projects i'd like to ask her about.  It would all be DIY, of course, and I'm aware we have little time, but a girl can dream right?  And when you do it on a budget, it makes it all the more fun.  In particular, I'm going to ask her about:

(1) painting the kitchen cabinets white like this photo below (this isn't our kitchen obviously.  It's just inspiration)

(2) redoing the master bathroom (I can't even put an inspiration photo here ... because this one would be a HUGE overhaul)

and ...

(3) changing up the master bedroom (i ordered a very similar pillow off of etsy and this will be the color inspiration for the master.  We're hoping to get some work started on the master before Gloria comes along)

It's exhausting, yet exhilaring, how these projects are never ending!  I have thoughts in just about every square inch of the house.  But don't worry, I still took the time to sit down and be sorely disappointed in last nights Glee instead of worrying over this.  Some of it will get done and some of it won't.  It just depends when inspiration strikes!


  1. We painted our kitchen cabinets white in our old house and it was totally worth it! however we had someone do it for us so it was done without a blemish. when we sold the house it happened in 1 month and I think it was all of our little upgrades that we did. We painted the kitchen here too, but we did it ourselves because we didn't have the money this time around. it still looks good, we painted it dark/black though this time. But you can tell close up that we did it and not someone professional:P However, this house is not worth as much and it wasn't worth putting a lot of money in.

  2. Just delurking to say that I'm very inspired by your before-and-after pictures! You probably don't notice because you see it every day, but I think those photos really show off how far you've come. I'm creeping into full-on nesting mode myself, and this post is very inspirational to me :)

  3. Wow, this is a major project and it looks beautiful!!! I love it!!! The kitchen and all the rooms are beautiful. You put in a LOT of work into this!!!!