Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It's the Cut of the Swimsuit...Right?

Well people, it's been two weeks.  Two freaking weeks...14 whole days...and I stepped on the scale again this morning.  Sigh...

I said two weeks ago that I wanted to get my pre-baby body back.  I know that people say "it takes time," but a large part of me believed it was women being lazy and not working out.  Well, as I blogged about earlier, I went for my post-partum visit exactly a week from yesterday.  He gave me the green light on exercising but just told me to take it easy for the first few weeks since my hips could still be sensitive to certain motions.  "Alright!!" I thought.  Let's do this thing.

So, I thought I did pretty darn well the last couple of weeks.  Here's my progress:

Exercise: I've worked out four times already!  I've gotten sore every time.  I got pretty darn sore the first time and it's been subsiding a little since.  Since I'm studying for the bar, my workouts are short: between 20 - 30 minutes.  I realize this is pathetic.  I know.  But, it's all that I have time for, so it'll have to do.   I work out every other day.  My husband is the sweetest and he has been working out with me every single time as moral support.  I think this is a good time to mention what I do for my workout routine: Jillian Michaels.  I am obsessed with this woman.  I own nearly all her DVDs (I have 8 total) and they seriously kick your ass.  Even my husband agrees.

I've been doing some cardio, some strength, and of course my favorite, the 30 day Shred:

I only did Level 1 for now and will probably stick to that for the next couple weeks.  I really do love working out and more so, doing it at home.  Through this blog, I hope to help other women that are trying to lose the baby weight, or just lose weight in general.  I think in another life, I could have been a personal trainer.  The only problem is, I like to eat.  I could have done the exercise part, but would have been horrible at suggesting what they eat...I mean hello, did you not see my post about our Saturday meal?  Anyway, all in all, I'm proud of myself for working out four times and not even being 6 weeks postpartum.  I think I've done rather well.

My Eating Habits:  There's some good...and some bad to report in this department.  I left two bites of every meal on my plate as I had wanted to do.  So, thumbs up there!  Thumbs down though because I ate ice cream nearly every night for a week!  OOPS!  Darn it.  Granted, it was a small amount every evening, but I should have said no.  Fortunately, the ice cream is finished and I'm thoroughly sick of the stuff, so that won't be happening anymore.  As I've mentioned before, I don't' believe in dieting: I believe in moderation. So, if I want a little ice cream, I'll give myself a little ice cream. 

Now, the moment of truth:

Pre-pregnancy weight: 126 pounds

Weight the day I went into labor: 163 pounds

Today's weight:  141.4 pounds

UUUGH!! I'm so freaking frustrated.  I did a better job with my eating, I worked out a few times, and I only lost 1.6 pounds in two weeks?  What the heck?

To make matters worse, guess what I had to do yesterday?  Buy a swimsuit.  I've decided that next time I have a kid, I'm having it during the winter.  That way, I won't have to go out in a swimsuit within weeks of having had a baby.  This weekend, my Dad is coming in to town and we're going to the pool to swim together with Evan.  I took a break from studying and tried on swimsuits at Target...I swear, I would rather be studying!  They looked freaking horrible.  And if you want complete honesty on this blog: the mediums didn't fit. Yep, that's right, I have made my ass large enough to officially be considered large.  Yuck.  So, we went to Old Navy because I decided I desperately wanted a one-piece.  I ended up finding a cute one AND it was in a Medium, thank you very much.  Evan, of course, says I look "freaking hot" in it.  Ain't he sweet? 

Enough with the joking around though.  I know it hasn't even been six weeks, but seeing my body in this fashion has been tough emotionally.  I have definitely done the standing in front of the mirror naked thing...I just stand there grabbing all my gross fat deposits.  Evan will walk by and tell me to stop doing that.  He keeps telling me I look great for only having given birth 5 weeks ago.  But, as a woman, I miss seeing what I used to be.  For that reason, I'm going to keep on trucking every two weeks, posting on here every other Wednesday, and holding myself accountable until that baby weight is off darn it!!

Goal for the next two weeks:  Keep working out!  I won't have time to increase the time of the workouts, so by the end of the next two weeks, I want to have moved up on intensity.  Also, I want to try and keep a more positive attitude.  I know the weight will come off eventually, so I can't give up and get negative about it.

Eventual Goal: 15.4 pounds to go to return to pre-baby weight!

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  1. Oh girl at least you started after 6 wks! It took me a year to start! I would have NEVER guessed that you were 163 when you went into labor! You certainly didn't look it at graduation. and just think of this... realistically one should lose 1-2 lbs a week. 1.6 lbs in 2 wks with moderate workout and loosely strict eating habits is great. You've gotta start somewhere. And do remember that you are also a little busy studying for your boards!

    Good work girl!