Monday, June 7, 2010

The Little Things in Life

I unfortunately haven't had time to blog lately.  I have so many things I am DYING to write about:
(1) the hospital bag: what we packed, what we used, what we forgot, (2) taking pictures of newborns and advice on that, (3) recovery after labor, (4) the dynamic with your marriage and how, for us at least, it's made us stronger and more connected than we've felt in a long time, (5) the bond you feel with this bundle of joy that makes you feel this amount of happiness you've never known, and (6) the horrible bar exam and how I stay up until 1 in the morning nearly every day and still can not get caught up.  See...told you...I have lots of posts I want to write.

But, for today...let's talk about the little things and joys in life that have kept me going the past two weeks while I've been studying constantly.  I'm not going to lie, I've felt an extreme amount of guilt while I study during the day and how much I wish I could be holding her and kissing her full time instead of looking at my damn computer screen and watching video lectures.  But, it's as if Liliana knows how to make her Mommy are some great moments we've shared with her so far:

(1) I had a good laugh when a first happened...I got peed on already.  She was about three days old and we were giving her her first bath at home and I was silly enough to carry her from the bathroom to her room without a diaper on...mistake.  As I felt the pee on my shirt and skirt, I just started cracking up.  Evan looked at me and we couldn't stop laughing.

(2) On the potty topic, she has projectile pee!!  She peed all the way from her changing pad to her rocking chair while Evan was using the cleaning wipes.  I was studying in the living room and heard a "holy crap!" and run over to see Evan in amazement...I think he thought projectile pee was only an act that men could contraire my friend...girls, especially Liliana are impressive!

(3) The biggest accomplishment she's had: she rolled over at 11 days of age!  I know you're thinking we're crazy and want to convince ourselves of this, but 4 days later, she did it again and this time we actually caught it on video!  She already has nearly 100 hits on youtube.  Our little girl is a celebrity.  Most babies don't roll over until they're at least 2 - 3 months of age.  She's a strong one, especially for a preemie.  In fact, just in the time that I've written this blog post, she has rolled over 5 times. 

I'll leave you with some parting pictures...we tried to be artistic parents because we wanted to get some shots for her birth announcement.  Thankfully, our friend Amber (who took our amazing maternity shots) is coming over on Thursday night to take better ones for us, because a photographer I am not.  But, it was still the best part of my weekend taking them and spending time with my family...

Hope you liked these pictures!  I'm not posting them on facebook yet incase we don't get some decent ones with Amber because I want people to be surprised with the birth announcement.  I can't decide which one is my favorite...but one thing I can conclude with absolute certainty is that she's pretty darn cute.

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