Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Losing the Baby Weight

Well, I've officially had no excuse to carry around this remaining flabby belly for 26 days.  Liliana is 26 days old, and although I'm technically not allowed to work out yet, it's about time that I start holding myself accountable for this post-baby weight loss.

 Right now, I look like this, and would therefore be wearing this to the beach:

I want to look like this and be wearing this instead:

In order to make this happen, I need this blog post...I'm going to give those terrifying numbers that no woman wants people to know.  So, without further delay:

Pre-pregnancy weight: 126 pounds

Weight the day I went in to labor: 163 pounds

Weight today: 143 pounds
So, to lose this baby weight, I think I'll write on the blog.  This will hold me accountable to the few that read this thing.  I will give my weight every couple weeks and critique myself as to how I did in terms of eating, exercise etc.

Since I'm behind 26 days, I'll say what I've done so far:

    - My exercise: nonexistent, because I'm not allowed anyway!  I haven't even been walking around the block because I don't have time since I'm studying too often.  I will try to improve that some this week though.  Again, it's nice to clear my mind and get out of the house some.

    - My eating habits:  I've tried to be a little more mindful of this.  I haven't been dieting.  I actually never diet.  I think that's a horrible way to monitor myself.  I don't want to start a dieting roller coaster.

Goal for the next two weeks: walk more around the block and start leaving a couple bites of foot on my plate after every meal in an attempt to keep some calories off.

Eventual Goal: 17 pounds to go to return to pre-baby weight!

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