Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Things I Wish People Had Told Me About Pregnancy

I had all these great blog post ideas for my last 4 weeks of pregnancy.  Liliana apparently decided that they weren't so great and I believe that's part of the reason that she decided to come early.  I do however, feel compelled to write about a few things I wish people had told me about pregnancy.  I warn you, some of these aren't pretty...they're very brutally honest...maybe that's why people don't talk about them.  So without further delay:

(1) When you pee, you toot...every single time.
This one mainly came out during the third trimester.  Every single time you pee, you fart!  I can't explain it, but it's true.  I thought it was hilarious, but frustrating all at the same time.  So just look out for it, because it's inevitable.

(2) Umm...what was I saying, thinking, anything?
Your mind goes to absolute shit during pregnancy.  I couldn't focus, even on my studies.  And even when I did focus, I didn't give a crap.  You just can't feel any emotions for a prolonged period of time because your mind is in lala land.  It's not even necessarily that you're only thinking about the baby.  You just have a million different things going on with your body that I don't think it's possible to focus on one thing.  This characteristic of pregnancy was very difficult on me during my studies.  My grades during my third year were quite lower than even my first year of law school, but I couldn't even care.  Like I said...lala land.

(3) Sex, how I miss you so
I think pregnancy is preparing you for the sex life you'll inevitably lead after children come in to the picture (although we still are disillusioned enough to say that won't happen to us...haha...for all of those that have children, laugh at our being so naive). Sex during pregnancy was ... well, just not happening as often as pre-pregnancy.  I joked around with Evan that God was punishing us for fornicating! haha.  As I've blogged about many times, we got put on bed rest a few times during our pregnancy.  Well, those stunk.  So, don't get me wrong, it still happens and you still enjoy each other a bunch, but at least for us, it did cut down some due to doctors orders.

(4) My hands and feet, oh my!
My hands and feet hurt like crazy in the last month of pregnancy.  This was the weirdest sensation ever.  Every time I woke up in the middle of the night to pee, I had to limp over to the restroom because my feet hurt.  I thought my Achilles tendon had broken the pain was so bad.  But, alas, it was just the pregnancy.  This was a symptom I had at least heard of.  I had to start wearing very comfortable shoes and even then, my feet just got tired from standing up.  Then, the weirdest thing happened: I started getting that sensation in my hands.  When I woke up in the morning, I couldn't make a fist for the first thirty minutes of each day...it just hurt too bad.  I had never heard of that happening to other women, so I looked it up on the internet and still found very little.  Then, I was reading one of my favorite blogs and she mentioned the same symptom!  She even had to put splints on her wrists and hands because the pain was so bad.  Fortunately, I never got that bad, but man did they hurt.

(5) Don't ask me to hold anything breakable...
When you're emotional (aka cry for no reason, which happened about twice a week) during pregnancy, the last thing you need is to start feeling like you can't even control your hands and your body.  I became such a klutz during my pregnancy.  It was, again, such a strange sensation.  I would be holding a glass and it would just slip from my fingers, or what happened really often to me was that Linda's food bowl woudl fall from my hands and the food would get all over the floor.  This would result in my being incredibly frustrated with myself, yelling at myself that this was getting really annoying, and tears welling up in my eyes while I wondered what other things I woudl drop that day.  I know it sounds crazy to have all these emotions over dropping things on the floor, but when you're growing bigger by the day, the last thing you need is to start losing some of your control.  It was a feeling of helplessness.

Well, there ya go...the things I wish someone had told me about pregnancy.  I realize they were all quirky or negative.  I could write out the top 5 things that were wonderful, because there were definitely wonderful parts about being pregnant.  But, the #1 wonderful thing about being pregnant is the squirming beautiful girl that's next to me right now and I'm going to go kiss her...yeah, those five things above don't seem so bad anymore.

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