Monday, June 14, 2010

May 21st

My Dad has always teased me for saying "I can't wait for ______."  He says I always have to look forward to things.  He's right.  I love looking forward to different events.  Sometimes it's a good thing, and sometimes I don't let myself live in the present enough.

However, I think May 21st, 2011 is warranted for me to be beyond excited for.

Today, Evan called me and asked me "would you hood me when I graduate?"  Apparently, anybody with a terminal degree can hood the medical students next year.  So, this JD will be hooding that MD.  I am so, completely, utterly humbled and honored.  It means so much to me that he asked.  I never thought in a million years that this would happen...the lawyer hooding the doctor!  Ah, that would make so many doctors roll over in their graves, but for us, it will be one of the most special moments we've ever experienced as a couple.

I have to admit, I think it works perfectly.  I am so proud of him.  He has managed to do these three years already without complaining, he always holds his head up high, and everybody in the hospital loves him.  Additionally, I truly believe he will make a phenomenal doctor.  It's not just his intelligence, which trust me, he has plenty, but it's the other stuff that's important as well: he's patient, compassionate, kind, has a sense of humor, will talk about any subject without getting embarrased, etc. etc.  I know I would love to have him as my doctor.  But I get to do something even better.  I get to help him through this journey, not just as a support system throughout the four years of medical school, but also by hooding him. 

It's like telling the world: I give you Evan Garrett Lacefield, M.D. honored.  So so freaking honored.  Those 15 seconds will make my three years of law school completely worth it.

To top things off, guess who's first birthday is on the same day that Daddy graduates from Medical school?  Isn't that just incredible?!  So all in one day we'll celebrate Evan graduating from medical school and Liliana's first birthday.  This is going to be one happy wife and mother next year.

So everybody mark May 21st on your calendar because that day is going to be ... wait for it.... legendary!!

To fill in the blank: "I can't wait for May 21st, 2011."

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