Monday, July 19, 2010

I Used to Like the Limbo

My world is full of changes lately.  My world is in a state of limbo.  First off, speaking of changes, do you guys like my new blog?? I got it made over by Bailey and she did SUCH a fantastic job.  If anybody else is considering getting theirs redone, I highly recommend doing it with her, she was perfect.   You see, before our wonderful oops (aka Liliana) Evan and I were going to go on a cruise after my bar exam.  It was going to be our present to ourselves for both sticking through this, for both going to graduate school, and for both making it through the roughest years of school.  But, then our Lilibear decided she didn't want us to go on a cruise, which we were completely fine with...we love her to pieces.  However, I decided I was still due a little present for this studying, so I decided to have my blog redone.  I'm so happy I did.  It matches my personality perfectly and I hope everyone likes it!

But...about limbo...

Back in college, I was the limbo girl.  Get a few drinks in me, and I could limbo like crazy...won quite a few competitions at parties actually, thank you very much.  Back in college, I liked the word limbo.

 Limbo Queen!

However, now, our lives never seem set.  That is getting really old.  Evan and I have spent the last week trying to plan out the next few weeks of our lives.  So much of it is..."well IF this happens, then we'll do this, and IF this happens we'll do that."  Ugh.  It's distracting with all my studying and is making me wonder what I really want out of life.

First off, Evan's trying to decide what he wants to do with his life.  Does he want to pursue Urology or Ob/ Gyn.  He keeps going back and forth with his decision and it's weighing down on him.  If he does Urology, our chances of him actually getting accepted are narrowed down to pretty much Lubbock or San Antonio because Urology is the third most competitive residency in the nation.  Who would have thought that penises and prostates were so competitive?  Then, out of the blue, Evan loved his Ob/Gyn rotation throughout this third year.  He has lots of options that he wouldn't mind pursuing afterwards such as Maternal Fetal, Gyn Onc or Uro Gyn (translation: high risk pregnancies, cancer, or woman urological issues).  If Evan pursues an Ob/ Gyn residency, then our options would be much more flexible because it's not nearly as competitive as Urology.  Plus, I don't know about you guys, but I wouldn't mind having this handsome chap be my Ob/Gyn!!

                          Hubba hubba!

So recently, we've started wondering if we want to go out of state.  This then brought up the question of whether I want to pursue a "traditional" legal job and get a job with a firm or get a "non-traditional" job and not necessarily practice at a firm.   I know for a fact that I want to be a working Mom, this has never come in to our conversations.  However, I'm not sure if I could handle a firm job that requires so much time when I know my husband will be gone 80 hours a week throughout his four years of residency.  I'd essentially be a single Mom those years.  That being said, I want a job that is worth my degree and worth my time.  I want a job that I would be proud of.  That is very important to me and fortunately my husband understands and encourages that.  

So, we have decisions to make, and they're complicated.

For now, our plans are to see if I pass the bar exam.  If I do, then we'll try to stay in Texas and I'll try go the traditional route because I do like quite a few areas of the law and I loved the work I did at the firm I clerked for throughout my third year.  If I got a job here in Lubbock at a firm, I would stay working there and Evan would do residency here and things would continue just fine!  

If I don't pass the bar however (which, to be completely honest is looking really likely right now), then I think we're going to try to go out of state for residency.  Evan and I have loved being on our own these three years of marriage.  I know that many couples love being close to their families, and eventually we will be too.  But for now, this has suited us well.  It has made us grow as a couple and now with Liliana, as a family. I am a very independent person, so I think the desire to get out of Texas stems from that.  Fortunately, Evan wants to go along for the ride and I can tell he's excited about this possibility.

So, now we're seeing where would we want to live???  Phoenix, St. Louis, and a couple cities in Florida are on our list.  The nice thing about some of these is that the housing market isn't horrendously expensive and it could afford me some time to get a decent job to warrant all my hard work through law school.  We would probably rent a house for a while because the salaries that they give residents are pretty bad. Also, we have pretty strict guidelines.  It can't be too cold (have you noticed these cities are in the South?  We like warm weather.  But the city has to be big enough where I could have plenty of job opportunities.  We need companies big enough to have HR opportunities, consulting jobs, financial planning jobs, etc...basically places where I could use my degree.  I should mention: I can't practice law in other states because I would have to retake the bar and get licensed in that individual state since I wouldn't have practiced in Texas yet.  Taking yet another bar is not an me lazy, but I will not be studying for the bar in another state.  No sir.

Anyway, we'll make it work.  And at the end of the day while this is stressing us out like crazy (can't you tell?) we always go to bed saying the same thing...

As long as we're by each others side, it'll all work'll all work out.


  1. I love your new look! :) And I completely agree about only taking one bar exam...I get to tackle California next summer and I've told everybody that if I pass you won't see me leaving for at least 5 years because there's no way I'd willing take another one, ha!


  2. I vote for Atlanta (biased, I know). Hotter than Hades, but definitely get your money's worth and is a great place to raise a family. :) Good luck on your bar exam - I know that can't be easy especially with a new little one to take all of your free time!

  3. Diggin' your new look!

    And umm.. sorry, but I just can't go to a guy OB. A bunch of my friends are completely fine with it, but I just can't! Personal choice I guess! It's kind of like, I need to go to someone who knows what cramps feel like, and knows what child birth feels like from a first person point of view! Haha, I even did a post not too long ago about going to the OB.

    I like your motto though, as long as we're together, it'll all work out!