Wednesday, July 14, 2010

If I Suck in...THEY FIT!

Well welcome to my third installment of losing the baby weight!  I have to admit, I'm more upbeat about it this time.  Approximately one week ago I decided to do IT (no...not THAT...get your head out of the gutter people).  I decided to try on a pair of my pre-pregnancy pants.  You see, a week after I got home from the hospital I made the huge mistake of doing that.  I went in to my closet and found my period pants: you know, the ones that are a little bigger, but you love when you're on your period because you feel all bloated?  I have done some stupid things in my day, but this has to be at the top of them.  The pants barely got above my knees.  I kid you not.  All I could do was laugh at my stupidity and fatness.  I put them back thinking I'd try them on some other day.

So, last week, I decided it was time again.  I was now 7 weeks postpartum and wanted to see if I was making any progress.  Now mind you, I had to suck in A LOT, my muffin top greatly hangs over, and the seems were being stretched to the max, but the things fit!  It was awesome.  I walked all over the house trying to impress my husband.  He just seemed amused.  The pants obviously didn't fit, but man it felt good to get in something that wasn't a dress or skirt (the only things I've worn lately).  All my skirts and dresses from prepregnancy fit me two weeks after giving birth to Liliana, and I don't have too many, so I'm getting pretty sick of wearing the same things over and over again.

These two weeks I made some startling revelations:  Did you know that if you don't eat out you'll lose more weight?  Uh huh!  See, aren't you glad you read this blog to find out fascinating nutritional advice?  Oh, and another thing: if you don't make any won't have any to eat!  And when you don't eat desserts, you lose more weight too!  It's just crazy!

So, 8 weeks postpartum, here's my progress:

Eating Habits:  I kept two pieces of food on my plate (or gave them to my beagle (#3 love of my life after Evan and Liliana)) and we ate here in our house A LOT more.  My mom was here for most of the last two weeks and she cooked nearly every night.  This helped so much.  I told Evan that if I don't get a job immediately and am staying at home for the next few months, I'm cooking every single night and going out will be a thing of the past.  Not only will we save money, but we'll lose weight too! Evan lost a ton of weight the last two weeks too. He hasn't been this weight since before college.  You know what that means right? The abs are looking mighty nice! ; )

 Who could say no to that cute little beagle? : )

Exercise:  I varied up my work outs these two weeks and had fun with it.  We went swimming twice and I did P90X with Evan one afternoon.  Other than that, I did my Jillian Michaels DVDs (30 day shred, No More Trouble Zones, and Banish Fat Boost Metabolism).  I've said this before, but buy all three of these.  They are all excellent workouts.  Even when I was in great shape before the pregnancy, these things kicked my butt.  I had promised on my last post that I was going to increase the intensity, so I did Level 2 of the 30 day shred last night.  I don't think my abs were quite ready for that yet.  Your abs are nonexistent post pregnancy.  It's pathetic and very strange feeling.  But, hopefully, by the end of these two weeks I will feel more comfortable on my level two.

Here we go again, the moment of truth:

Prepregnancy weight: 126 pounds

Weight Day I went into Labor: 163 pounds

Weight Today: 139.2 pounds

I lost 2.2 pounds in the last two weeks.  You're probably thinking "woman, that's not that great," but considering that I'm studying for the bar exam approximately 14 hours a day and taking care of my brand new baby girl, I'm proud of this progress.  I only lost 1.6 pounds last time, so something I did worked better these two weeks.  Plus, I originally thought that my weight would come off more slowly now that my uterus isn't shrinking anymore.  Apparently, my hard work (well, as much as I have time for) is paying off slowly but surely.  Plus, since I didn't ever breastfeed, I'm aware this weight is going to come off more slowly, but I'll get there.  I'm very determined to get my body in has...after all only been 8 weeks.  I can't wait for August when I'll no longer be studying.  That workout routine is going to get intense and you guys are gonna start seeing major results from me...I hope. ; )

Goal for the Next Two Weeks: I'm not going to give myself a new goal these upcoming two weeks because I have the bar exam in two weeks, so my studying is priority #1.  If I just keep up my 25 minute workouts every other day, I'll be really proud of myself.  I don't foresee any progress in my next update, but as long as I don't gain, I'll be proud.  My main goal for the next two weeks is to stay sane.

Eventual Goal:  13.2 pounds to return to pre-baby weight!

One thing I know for sure..this little girl is SO worth it all. 
She's gorgeous isn't she?  I know I'm her Mommy and all, but wow...


  1. That is the cutest little beagle EVER!! My B-I-L has a beagle, and I can't stop playing with his ears when they come over.
    And your daughter is adorable too!

  2. Your daughter IS adorable! She must have a good-lookin daddy.

  3. First of all...I'm sorry I'm just now getting around to checking out your blog! Your daughter is adorable, as are you:) are amazing! You should be so proud of your weight loss! I would never have even dreamed of doing 30 Day Shred 7 weeks postpartum! You are an inspiration!

    Third...this is just any FYI, even when you get to your prepregnancy weight, your body still might not be the same. My experience was that a lot of areas shifted and sagged...never to be the same again!!

  4. Beautiful little girl :) Thanks for visiting me on my SITS day!! I will add your blog request to my list ~ best of luck on your weight-loss!

  5. Stopping by from SITS.

    You're brave! It took almost 2 years for me to get back my prepregnancy weight, but I must admit I didn't set as a goal too, just wanted to take care of the baby and forgot myself.
    Now, when he's 5, I understand it was a mistake. A child needs a happy mother and I definitely would have been more happier and calm without worrying about my weight and look.

    Your little girl is adorable!

  6. 2.2 pounds in 2 weeks is GREAT! That is a healthy pace! 1 pound a week! =)

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  7. You are doing great! I remember trying on a dress about 4 weeks after birth and the doorbell rang - it was my parents and I was was awful! Those Jillian Michaels DVD's are awesome! Happy SITS Sharefest Saturday!

  8. I can totally relate. Feels like yesterday i was pulling out different jeans to see which one i fit into yet. (my little man is 8 months old now). Some days there was complete disappointment and other days i would squeeze into a pair and show it off to my husband who couldn't care less. ALthough I am pretty much down to my prepreg weight after gaining 45 lbs (mind you I am a personal trainer), it is definitely not the same. Mushy belly, smooshy boobs, wider hips - so clothes don't quite look the same - but you're right it is worth it. And weight training definitely helps! (visiting from LBS)

  9. Congrats, that's really great. Though I have to agree with the other mummies here - it's just not the same, especially if you nurse.

    Quick tip - keep using the stretch-marks cream and be aware once you stop feeding. I put on 26-27 pounds during my pregnancy, of which I lost 28 pounds one month after my little girl was born. Managed to stay at the same weight as long as I was nursing, however once I stopped, boom, in 6 months I had put on 20 pounds, which I'm still struggling to lose!

    You're little on is adorable. Love bath time pics.

  10. No fast food or desserts? Well those are some fabulous diet tips, my dear. Not much fun though! ;)

    Good luck to you! That photo is ridiculously, insanely CUTE! So soapy! :)

  11. oh how I feel your pain! I am 50 pounds over now and it's been five months since Henry was born so I have NO excuse! (Does the hot weather count, surely I get some leniency for that!) You're getting so close to your pre-baby weight though, I'm impressed! Oh, and that picture is so cute, your little one is adorable!

  12. Wow, that's great progress! I remember studying for the bar, with an infant at home (my oldest was nine months at that time) and feeling totally overwhelmed with everything. It's very impressive that you are able to lose weight, study for the exam, AND exercise.

    Take it easy though, don't be too hard on yourself especially only EIGHT weeks postpartum.

  13. I'm stopping over from Lady Bloggers today and am so glad that I found you. Okay, 1) this is the blog of beautiful people. Your all soooo cute (and holy cow, LOVE YOUR BEAGLE!!!) 2) you should be very proud of your weightloss so far! Go you! It'll take time, but do it at a pace you're comfortable with and you'll fit into those pre-pregnancy period pants in no time :) and 3) I've only done the 30-day shred video but it works wonders. Will have to try out the others.

    I'm your latest follower :)