Friday, July 9, 2010

The Story of Us Part II

If you didn't read "The Story of Us Part I," I recommend you read that first so you can follow along with this love story.

Last I left off, I was thinking Evan was a jerk for embarrassing me in front of my classmates and he was thinking I was an airhead for just chatting with my friends instead of paying attention to the ridiculously interesting course that is Chemistry.

When junior year started, Evan and I had a bunch of classes together: Physics, Economics, Lunch Period, and English.  So basically, we were seeing each other over half of the day.  In high school, the way that you sit the first day of class ends up being your assigned seats.  Little did we know, we were about to form our future just by this one simple thought that Evan had to himself as he walked in to Physics class, "hey, I remember that girl, I'll go sit in front of her."

(translation: HEY...there's a girl for me to make fun of even more...let me go sit in front of her)

The rest of that first day, we just kept sitting next to each other.  We didn't really talk to each other much that first day.  I think it was just a pattern we established.  

As the year went on, we became really great friends.  I started realizing that I looked forward to those class periods, even Physics for peets sake!  Now mind you, I was in a relationship with a guy we'll call A-hole (trust me, he deserves that nickname), so Evan and I were just that: friends.  Evan was in a relationship with a girl we'll call Coach (she was also a swimmer and often liked to tell Evan what to do...if you know Evan, you'll realize that this relationship obviously didn't last long). 

BUT, even though we were both in relationships...a little flirting never hurt anyone right?  Throughout the year, we got closer and closer and spoke more and more throughout the day.  Evan was always reading in class.  He never read the textbooks of course.  He just always had his nose in a book and personally, I thought this was cute, nerdy, and hilarious, so I tried my best to tease him whenever he was reading.  I would poke him in the back and ask him "hey, whatcha doin?" or I would take my finger and run over the letters on the back of his shirt just to distract him enough.  Sometimes, I would run my fingers through his hair (yeah yeah...I realize that maybe since I had a boyfriend this wasn't appropriate, oops).  Evan's hair used to feel like straw.  Since he swam 4 hours a day, his hair had no life to it.  So, I thought it was really fun to run my fingers through it.  He later admitted to me that he always liked when I did that...he still does. 

Really though, we were just friends.  On Valentine's of Junior year, I was walking around with flowers that A-hole had given me and I asked Evan what he was going to give Coach.  He looked at me with this bewildered look and said: "Should I get her something?"  Are you serious dude??  So, we walked through how Evan would buy her flowers and give them to her at swim practice.  Evan broke up with Coach shortly after that.  Maybe he realized that something was not quite right if he didn't even think of giving her flowers on Valentine's.  It's hard to believe that this is the same guy that brought me a huge bouquet of flowers after I got my first speeding ticket because I had had a bad day.

Throughout the year, we started slightly, maybe becoming more than just friends.  I even woke up one morning at 8 a.m. on a Saturday just go to watch one of his water polo games.  Mind you, I never told A-hole that I was doing that...he would have been pissed.  You see, A-hole started noticing that something fishy was going on between Evan and I.  He often told me that I shouldn't be with Evan so much or that he heard through the grapevine that we were always talking in class.  A-hole started showing up after every class to walk me down the halls and to establish his territory.  Evan later told me that this always bothered him...that A-hole treated me as though I was his property.  Little did that A-hole heart was starting to wander off towards Evan.

You know how I said I was always teasing him while he read those dorky books?  Well, all that prodding and annoying him seemed to have an effect.  I got really sick my junior year of high school and stayed home for a few days.  Evan said that that's when he started realizing he might like me a little.  He said that by the second day he turned around to see if I was there.  He didn't like that he was reading so many chapters in all his class periods.  He wanted to be interrupted.  He missed my company and while I was sick, I missed annoying him. sweet and fine day in Economics...


  1. What a great second part to your story! It's funny how a lot of relationships start with prodding, teasing, and all those fun, little things. :) I can't believe you're leaving us hanging again, though.... :) Write the next part soon!

  2. My husband and I sort of met in Business Law class while in grad school. We sat on opposite sides of the room and while he was intrigued by me, I thought he was probably a jerk because the guy he sat next to was clearly one. Turns out he didn't even know him! Through fits and starts on both our parts, we were a couple the next semester and married a year later. Almost 23 years now:)

  3. It's so fun when people post there relationship stories! I love reading how couples meet.
    Stopping by from Lady Bloggers Tea Party Social! :)

  4. Awe, I love reading your story! Way to keep us hooked =)