Monday, July 12, 2010

The Story of Us Part III

If you haven't read part I and part II of our love story, I recommend you do that first to keep up...

Now, let's see, where did we leave off?

Ah, yes, one fine day in Economics class (a class I didn't/ don't really care for), it started raining.  No, take that back, it started pouring.  The thunder was loud as could be too.  I DO NOT LIKE THUNDER.  I still to this day get freaked out by it.  So, this one day in March the thunder rang out loud as could be and I let out a little yell.  It was probably the cutest noise that Evan had ever heard, because the next thing he did is what really solidified, in my mind, that this mindless flirting might have actually meant something.

Now, I warn you, before I go on to what happened, you have to promise that you won't make too much fun of me for ending up with this guy. . . this part of the story gets incredibly incredibly  nerdy.  After I yelped because of the thunder, Evan asked me for my calculator.  He was messing with it for a little while and I wondered what the heck he was doing.  When he handed it back to me, I saw that he had set the calculator to read as follows...

Cristina is awesome and really pretty.  Cristina is awesome and really pretty.  Cristina is awesome and really pretty.  Cristina is awesome and really pretty.  Cristina is awesome and really pretty.  

Yep, it was the sweetest most nerdy thing anyone had ever done for me.  I got red as a tomato and looked at him and said thanks.  And he just smiled.  I kept that program on my calculator for weeks and looked at it all the time.  But one day when A-hole (my ex) needed to borrow my calculator, I deleted the program.  This told me I had feelings for Evan too.  If I was trying to hide something from A-hole, that meant there was something TO hide.

Fast forward to April.  A-hole's and I relationship was crappy as ever.  One day, I had a friend come over and tell me that he was cheating on me.  Honestly, I wasn't really surprised.  I called A-hole, called him an A-hole and a million other things, and that was that.  I cried for one day and then really wasn't that upset. 

The evening that we broke up, I was laying down with my Dad having a pity party and he asked me, "Hey, what about that guy that plays water polo?  You never know Cristina!"  Holy did my dad know?  How did my dad know that would be the guy I would end up marrying?

That weekend my Mom took me shopping (a tradition for whenever I ended a relationship).  You see, my Mom has this theory that you should look great after a relationship ends.  Kinda a "eat your heart out" thing.  So, we went shopping and I was really excited to look good....for EVAN! : )  I went up to him first thing that morning and kneeled down and told him "A-hole and I broke up.  Just so you know."

He seemed completely unphased.  I was so disappointed.  My cute outfits hadn't done the trick!  Darn it!

Two days later, Evan asked me to go tubing with him and some friends.  I knew it!  I invited a friend along that had a crush on Evan, but then again who didn't? Throughout the year, I had quite a few girls ask me if they could date Evan.  Evan was a really sought after guy.  He's smart, looked older (which of course, was really sexy to a highschool girl), had washboard abs, and was the captain of his waterpolo and swim team.  What else could a girl want? ; )

Before we went tubing, I went to Target and bought a new swimsuit.  It was a bikini that ... I gotta admit, looked pretty darn good on me.  I started feeling bad because my friend had a crush on him and here I was trying to look good for him.  But, it was just innocent flirting right?  What did it matter?

We went tubing that weekend and had a great time.  Evan later told me that when he saw me in that bikini, he thought I looked amazing.  HA!  Again, my cute outfits were doing the trick!  Although there were about 15 people there, Evan did a great job and stayed by my side the whole time since I didn't really know anybody else there (the crowd was his swim team.  I was a student council girl myself). 

At the river, I didn't put sun screen on and soaked up the rays.  I thought we had an amazing time and went home content as can be.

BUT, two days later, I was on my computer and saw Evan was online (AIM chat...yeah...remember when people used to do that?).  I immediately wrote him a message "YOU JERK!" 

Why had this guy become a jerk in my eyes?  How in the world did we end up getting together?  You'll have to stay tuned AGAIN for another installment...but tomorrow, I promise, we'll get to a special special moment: the first kiss.


  1. Sooo cute! I remember hearing this story in Otzenhausen :)... Congrats to both of y'all on your beautiful baby girl!

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  3. Holy crap you have a lot on your plate! Congrats for pulling off what I definitely couldn't!

    P.S. Thanks for visiting!

  4. Awww this story is so sweet! I can't wait to hear the rest!!