Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lots of Little Things

I haven't really blogged about life in a few posts, and I have a lot of things that I want to talk about (surprise surprise right?), so I decided to do another post full of lots of little thoughts I've been having...

So You Think You Can Dance
Does anybody else love this show?  It's by far my favorite show of the summer and I look forward to watching some of it every Wednesday.  I always take at least 30 minutes study free to see my favorite dancers.  This year, my favorite is Alex.  He's amazingly talented.  In case you missed his dance last week, it was a hip hop routine with Twitch (a contestant from seasons past) and it was freakin' awesome.  Even Evan enjoyed it.  The guy is a ballet dancer...would have never guessed it when he danced like this. 

Fourth of July
I love this holiday.  This year was different from normal though.  Since I can remember, the fourth of july has been spent at the lakehouse.  Evan and I have been together for 8 fourth of july's now and this was the first year that we didn't spend it at the lake.  Normally, we go to Medina and all of our friends and family join us.  We ride around on the boat, jetski, eat too much brisket and watermelon, and then put on a hell of a fireworks show.  I'm always in charge of getting money out of the guests before we go buy the fireworks.  Usually, I accumulate well over $100, so we get a show that lasts quite a while.

This year though, thanks to the stupid stupid stupid bar exam, we stayed home in Lubbock.  My Dad and Grandpa came up for the weekend and you know what?  We still managed to have a pretty great time!  Evan, my sweetheart of a husband, knew how bummed I was not to be doing fireworks, so he bought this little package of fireworks we could do in the front yard.  None of them involved fire per se (not allowed in city limits), but we all were outside throwing confetti around our front yard with Liliana in our arms and Linda scared as crap because of the noise.

That being said, I can't freakin wait to go to the lake next year.   I missed not chewing out Evan and my brother for not playing safe with fire...it had become somewhat of a tradition. ; ) 

Liliana, of course, was dressed up with her pretty fourth of July outfits! She had to take part in the festivities too after all.

Toy Story 3
As I said, my Dad was in town this last weekend.   My Dad and I have this tradition where I take him to see a Pixar movie as his Father's Day gift.  We've seen Wally (bummer of a movie), Cars (kick ass movie), and both Toy Story's.  So this year, the timing couldn't have been better.  And let me tell you people...this movie was amazing.  Somehow, the Pixar guys did it again.  It's just as funny as the previous two and my Dad, as usual, was laughing harder than anyone else in the movie theater.  We had a great time even though we looked pretty dorky in our 3D glasses (that was his request).  Anyway, highly recommend you watch it.  I guarantee you'll love it. 

Bar Subjects
Last week, I received YET ANOTHER book in the mail for my bar prep.  I was kinda angry at first until I realized it's an ultra-condenced outline of all the subjects.  Do you know how many subjects are on this thing?  26!!!  Yeah, 26 subjects that I have to completely memorize.  Apparently, they want me to be a lawyer that can do it all.  Here's the thing, I don't wanna be!  So, can I opt out of those sections that I'm not particularly interested in?  I wish...

So, for your reading pleasure here are all the subjects one has to master to pass the Texas Bar Exam: Torts, Contracts, MBE & Texas Real Property, Criminal Law, MBE Criminal Procedure, MBE Evidence, Constitutional Law, Oil & Gas, Trusts, Guardianships, Wills, Texas Criminal Procedure, Texas Civil Procedure, Federal Civil Procedure, Texas Evidence, Commercial Paper, Bankruptcy, Agency, Partnership, Corporations, Secured Transactions, Community Property, Family Law, Consumer Law, Federal Income Tax, and last but not least, Federal Estate & Gift Taxation.

No problem right?  Oy...

On a happier note, guess what I did today?

That's right, I chopped off my hair finally!  It was so long overdue people...long long overdue.  It had been approximately 5 months since I had been to get it cut.  I want to look respectable during interviews (if I'm lucky enough to land some). 

Personally, I love it!  My brother usually hates when I cut my hair short, but he'll have to understand that I'm going to be a professional woman and I have to look the part!!  So, Danny, if you're reading this blog ever...deal with it! : ) 

"Baby You're Turning Heads"
People, go to Hobby Lobby...now.  My Mom went to Hobby Lobby today and found these things called "baby, you're turning heads."  They're a bunch of bands or hats with separate bows that you can buy and change out.  They are the cutest thing I've ever seen.  My Mom came back with a band, two little hats, and three bows. The bows are each $2, the band is $1, and the hats are $4, which I find really affordable.  It's a heck of a lot cheaper than Etsy. I'm in LOVE!!


  1. Thanks for visiting and for all your thoughtful comments. Congratulations on your beautiful baby! What a great idean to capture this moment in your life on a blog...you will love that you did. BTW, SYTYCD is one of our fav shows too..and Alex is awesome!

  2. This post was great! I feel like I am keeping in touch with you by reading it!

  3. Hey -- your hubby pointed me to your blog. Check out the MILP blogroll (moms in the legal profession). You're about to be added.


  4. Ah, yes, I remember the bar exam . . . so much fun. And I have heard that Texas' exam is HARD. Good luck with all that, but you know what? It will be over SOON!

  5. That baby is beautiful! Not all babies are that cute.

    I'm visiting from the Tea Party. Love your blog!


  6. New to your blog. Congrat's on being a mommy! You've landed THE BEST job in the world : )