Saturday, July 17, 2010

Liliana's Completed Nursery

Hello my viewers from Kelly's Korner!  I did this post nearly 3 months ago when Liliana was only 2 months old.  But, I'm still as in love with her nursery as I was then!  It's bright and neat and calming.  All things I wanted.  ENJOY!

I realize my daughter is almost 2 months's probably time to talk about her nursery huh?  I am in love with how her nursery turned out.  I wanted a room that looked girly, but wasn't pastel pink.  I love bright colors and I wanted Liliana's room to be fun, whimsical, and comfortable.

So, here are a few views.  I hope you guys like it!

Entrance to Liliana's nursery.  I think it's pretty fitting...

Here's the main view of the room.  I got the bedding from Target and fell in love with it immediately.  We got the prints on the wall from Etsy and the frames from Walmart.  The shelves were purchased at Target.

The nursery furniture is from Babies R Us and the rocker was from Pier 1.  These prints are also from Etsy.  They're in Spanish, which Mommy loves!

Liliana's closet is FULL of clothes (those boxes are packed).  We get a package in the mail at least a couple times a week with people sending her goodies.  It's so much fun to open them and see what she looks like in those adorable outfits.

The main reason I put this picture up is to show Daddy's great idea: the door hook for the diaper bags!  This is great because I always know where they are and now they're not just sitting around some random place in our house.  Sometimes men do have good ideas ... who woulda thunk it?

So...I gotta give myself some credit here...I painted that toy chest!  You can't really tell in the picture but I put polka dots all over the letters.  The letters are attached with velcro so that when she's old enough she can take them down and play with them.

I wanted to add this picture to show Liliana's favorite blanket.  One of my Mom's great friends made this quilt for her and it's perfect..perfect size, perfect thickness, just perfect all around.

Setting up Liliana's nursery was such a blast.  It took a lot of time, a lot of work, and was a work in progress, but I am so happy with it.  We definetely did it on a budget, but that's always fun.  It takes more time to have to travel to Target, Walmart, and Ross to see what's cheapest, and it obviously takes longer to paint a toy chest than just buy one, but it gives everything more personality.  Whenever I'm inside her room, I just realize how perfectly it fits our little girl.


  1. It looks gorgeous, you did a great job! I love the toy chest with the velcro letters, what a great idea!

  2. What a beautiful nursery! I love the colors you chose, especially that green. It looks so organized and I loved how you used Target, Walmart and Ross and found the best deals! What a lucky girl to have parents like you!

  3. It looks so beautiful!
    I like your idea of girly, but not too pink room, it's something I would consider myself too, if I ever have a girl.
    The look of the room is very peaceful and calm, exactley what a baby needs.
    Thank you for inspiration!

  4. oh - it's beautiful!! (Hope you don't mind that I came over to say 'hi'.) I love looking at pictures of nurseries and seeing what others have created. What a pretty room for your little girl!

  5. Beautiful. Liliana is one of my favourite names.

  6. Such a pretty nursery...I LOVE that color scheme! So glad to find your seems we have so much in common! I gave up a career in Marketing to pursue teaching, so I know the feeling. And my husband went to medical school too...been out 5 years now and I sure don't miss those days - I feel for you! :) Also I have a 5 month old son, so our kiddos are close in age. Fun stuff! :)

  7. It's adorable! Pink & green seem to be pretty popular color combos for little girls! :-)