Thursday, December 2, 2010


Since Evan and I became a "Mr. and Mrs." I've been big about sending Christmas cards.  I don't know why, but I LOVE sending them out.  I always write a letter updating people on our lives (as if they care right?) and we take a cutie picture.  Wanna see our pictures past?

Our first Christmas card:
 Our first Christmas card was your typical card...a new married couple with their cute puppy and a very sparse tree in the background.  We have since accumulated another 100 ornaments AT LEAST. 

Our second Christmas card:
 In our second year we got another dog: Maggie.  Unfortunately, we gave Maggie away after a year.  I'm so glad we took this picture for memories sake.  We took this picture at one of our favorite neighborhoods in the city.  Still though ... just the two of us!

Our third Christmas card:
Last year, we took the picture in the courtroom at our law school since I would be graduating a few short months later.  And Evan, the soon to be doctor, has his stethoscope on my pregnant belly!  I was about 15 weeks in this picture.  This was my favorite Christmas card of the three.

This year, I've already been roaming around the Shutterfly website for ideas.  I just ordered A BUNCH of stuff from them yesterday and plan on having them do our Christmas cards too.  The only problem?  I can't decide which photo card I want! I'm being ultra picky because this year because we have this amazing darling to add to the picture:

While perusing through the website, I found THESE.  Aren't they the cutest darn thing you've ever seen?  I might have to order some of these or make myself a Liliana calendar!

Back to the original point of this post: I LOVE Christmas card time!  I'm in between the following three...

Which is your favorite?  I can't choose!!  Just remember...this DARLING ANGEL will be in every single picture! ; )


  1. Yeah, I like the third one too. Super cute!

  2. I like the 2nd or 3rd but I'd put a picture of you three in as well, or one if the middle of mom and dad and the darling in the other two.

  3. I like the second one because the pictures are the most connected in that one, but the green is also too light IMO for Christmas - it makes it look almost Spring-y to me. So, I vote for the third one as well. I also agree with Anonymous that you should do group pictures, those are so cute.

  4. 2 or 3 I love the font on 2 and the colors

  5. I like 2 I love the colors and words.

  6. I love Snapfish quality of photos, so I usually order holiday cards from them. :) plus unbeatable coupons. :)))

  7. The first photo is too cute with your Aggie tshirts! :) Thanks for joining in!

    Love #3!