Sunday, December 5, 2010

Monday Minute 12/6/10

Hi blog readers!  Hope everyone is getting in to the Christmas spirit and all done decorating their houses.  I LOVE the lights on everyone's homes.  They have a neighborhood here that times a light show to the Transsiberian Orchestra.  You can bet we'll be seeing that!   ANYWAY, on to the point of this post eh?

I got EVEN MORE suggestions for questions this week: you guys are awesome.  But, if you guys ever want to host or have some more suggestions, just email  me.


(1) Who would play you in a movie?
(2) Are you a good speller?
(3) Have you/ do you smoke cigarettes?
(4) Have you ever won a trophy?
(5) Have you ever written (or started to write) a book?


(1) I don't know the answer to my own freakin question.  However, I'll tell you who people say are my dopplegangers.  One of them is a total and complete honor, but it's also complete bull crap because I'm not even a tenth of that pretty. My husband says I look kinda like: Mandy Moore.

Sorry honey, but you're crazy.  Mandy is flippin hot.

The other...well, my kiddos told me I look like...Idina Menzel (she was on Glee, in Wicked, and in Rent).

The truth of the matter, no offense to Idina, is that I think my eighth grade students are totally CRAZY.  I don't look anything like her!

So, in my opinion...I don't look like anybody, so can I play myself by chance?  I'll take acting lessons, I promise!

(2) In general, yes I am.  In fact, it drives me BONKERS when people misuse or misspell certain words.  For instance, to and too.  Use them correctly PLEASE.  Also, and this one gets me more than ANY OTHER one...your and you're.  This one shouldn't be difficult, but people mess it up all the time.  This sounds cruel, but when people mess these up, I automatically think they could use some elementary grammar lessons.

(3) Honest answer: NEVER even tried one.  I HATE the smell of cigarettes.  It's a horrible habit.

(4) In middle school I won quite a few for basketball and volleyball...not braggin, but you are reading the blog of your MVP people!  That's right, I competed with a whopping 14 other people. haha.

(5) No I haven't.  I wrote so damn much in law school that a blog is all the writing I could handle.  My husband, however, has started quite a few.  He has, what I consider (completely unbiased by the way) the best first 10 paragraphs I have ever seen. ; )

That's it for now!  
Now LINK UP and go read others answers.  
 Have a fabulous week!


  1. Yes! You do look like Idina! I totally see it.

  2. I totally see IDINA in you! YUP. Your students aren't crazy!

  3. thanks for hosting, have a great week!

  4. You so look like Idinda! You're like long lost sisters! I never touched a cig either and don't plan on it gross!!

    people say my dopplewhatever is leighton meester, which I'll totally take because I think she's gorge not to mention my role model!