Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday Minute 12/20/2010

Well, as I warned you guys about last week, I wasn't doing the Monday Minute this week.  This last week has been SO ridiculously busy.  We were out of town the entire time, driving approximately 20 hours, and feel pretty darn exhausted.  Let's just say I'm grateful the hilarious Powdered Toast Man is hosting and thrilled to have slept in until nearly 10 in our own bed.  Thank goodness we have the worlds best baby and she realized she should sleep in late too.  Glorious.

To link up this week, click HERE and answer his questions.  Next week though, the questions will resume here on Is There a Doctor in the House.


(1)  If you could invent a new animal, what two animals would you combine to create a new one? And what would be it's name?

(2) What is your least favorite sexual position?

(3) If you could ask Abraham Lincoln one question, what would it be?

(4) Would you rather be allergic to bacon or not be able to bathe for 6 months?

(5) Which would you rather have as a pet: penguin or giraffe? and why?


(1) This is actually a HORRIBLE answer because the name combo sucks and the result isn't this crazy combination either.  HOWEVER, I would want a Tea Cup Beagle.  Before you say "lame" behold...

 A teacup pig. Cute little things.  However, they stink.  But imagine...

This adorable beagle puppy could STAY this cute and tiny.  

Yes, I choose the teacup beagle as my animal.  And, if I could breed them, I would.
(2) Geesh, this one is a bit personal for this lady.  But, since I normally host this thing, it would be pretty messed up if I didn't answer huh?  The honest answer is super complicated positions.  When it starts getting more difficult than enjoyable that position makes its way to the "least favorites" category for me.

(3) Wow, this would be an amazing opportunity huh?  I think I would ask him if he's content with the progress we've made or if he's still surprised by the amounts of racism that still exist.  I would ask him if this is what he envisioned in the future, or if we're doing a crappy job.  I would probably not say crappy in front of him though...maybe I would say dismal.  Yes, are we doing a formidable job fulfilling your dream Mr. Lincoln, or have the results actually been quite dismal?  There ya have it, my fancy Lincoln question.

(4) I can't go ONE DAY without taking a shower or bath.  I know they say to wash your hair every other day because it's healthier, but I wash it every single day.  It feels so gross if I don't!  Therefore, this one's an easy one...FOR SURE, I would just be allergic to bacon. 

(5) Penguin!  For starters, they're cuter.  SECOND, does anybody have a roof that could fit them?  That would be a really tall house.  I just think the penguin would be more manageable.  Am I overanalyzing this?

Behold Liliana's new pets: Larry, Mo, and Curly.

See you guys next week!  Go link up with Powdered Toast Man!



  1. Wow, those are some personal questions! I'm with you. When I have to be a circus performer to do the position, it's out.

  2. Welcome back! I chose the Giraffe, but didn't even think of how it would fit inside, just assmued it would stay outside. :)

  3. Thanks for giving me the Monday Minute duties. I am available any time you want to pass on the duties. Those penguins are so cute.