Friday, December 10, 2010

Keeping OFF the Baby Weight

As you guys know, I chronicled my journey through losing the baby weight, and while it wasn't easy in the slightest, it wasn't the worst thing I've experienced either.  It mainly took a lot of determination and hard work.  However, as you guys have probably already gathered from reading my posts and getting to know me, I never say no to a challenge, and...I never fail at them either.

Personally, for ME, the biggest challenge wasn't losing the baby weight, but making myself KEEP it off.  I saw losing the original baby weight as a job.  Every single day after work, I would go and work out for at least an hour.  And yes, this meant Liliana was at daycare longer, but personally, for me, losing the weight was very important.  I felt better as a woman, mom, and especially as a wife.  I wanted my husband to think I was a hot Momma, and he tells me I am ALL the time, so it makes every single mile on that treadmill more than worth it.  This is going to sound sexist, but I think it's important to keep trying to look good for our spouses.  We need to keep each other interested right? 

Plus, I had that gorgeous goal dress to get in to...that I did get in to, thank you very much!

When we got back from New York, I was kinda burned out.  I had been working out 5 - 6 times a week, at least an hour each time.  I  had been eating less, purposefully, for the first time in my life.  Before getting pregnant, I had always kept my weight right around where I wanted it.  I've been a size 4 since I can remember!  But, after making my goal weight, my body needed a break.  And, within a week, something hit me:

Keeping off the weight POST baby is much harder than it was PRE baby.

I had to rearrange the way I THOUGHT about food.  When I was pregnant, I ate when I was hungry.  At first, this made the weight come on really slowly, but once I was well in to my pregnancy, I was hungry all the damn time. 

I mean, look at this belly!  It needed LOTS of food to keep it that big!
THIS mind set of "I need to eat constantly"...THIS is the reason women have a tough time losing the baby weight. 

You have to TRAIN yourself NOT to let this happen. 

Go back to thinking, "Do I NEED this?"

For me, this transition took AT LEAST a month.  I would find myself having snacks for no apparent reason, or drinking a soda simply because I had gotten addicted while studying for my bar exam.  I still eat whatever I want. I eat ice cream, pizza, etc.  And, I'm not just saying that.  I eat unhealthy. I always have.  I HATE veggies.  I just don't eat more than I need to.  I don't go back for seconds.  Really, do we ever NEED seconds?

Personally, I don't really believe in eating all the low-cal stuff.   Because in general, to me, it tastes like shit.  I just eat ONE cookie for dessert.  In my opinion, it's better than TWO of the diet ones.  But, that might be just me.

Now, I eat when I'm hungry.  I NEVER deprive myself of something when I'm truly hungry.  I still work out about 4 times a week, about 45 minutes each time.  I would love to do more, but by the time those 45 minutes are up, I'm ITCHING to go and pick up my baby girl.  So, I let myself do that.  As long as I keep that weight where it's supposed to be, then I'm ok and I give myself the flexibility and happiness to do what I want otherwise.

I have proudly kept off the baby weight and according to my husband, my body has never looked better.  One thing though, in case some of you were linea negra?  It's still there, in FULL force.  I have LOTS and LOTS of that Hispanic blood in me, what can I say?  I mean, it's a give and take.  I get the linea negra, but I have a pretty superb ass. ; )

Another thing I want some women to know, other than the "retraining" yourself thing, is that the statement that your body will never go back to being the same does definitely hold some truth to it.  While I am in all my prepregnancy clothes (because I always said I would never let myself buy another wardrobe because then I was accepting defeat), my body does look a little different.  My curves are more accentuated, my boobs are bigger YET saggier, and like I said, that linea negra can be seen from a mile away.

I've tried my best to EMBRACE these changes.  As long as I keep truckin, keep working out, and keep telling myself to eat only what's necessary, I'm happy with my postbaby body. 

* Addendum to this post:  After reading this post, I make it sound EASY to lose the baby weight and that sounds INCREDIBLY insensitive to women that are having a tough time.  It is NOT easy to lose it.  I worked out like a MAD woman when I was at the gym.  I pushed myself A LOT.  The point of this post is only to help people that already HAVE lost it to KEEP IT OFF!


  1. yay for you! Keep at it, sounds like you're doing a great job! :)

  2. great post! I'm working on losing baby weight now and I've heard that keeping it off is harder. congrats on your accomplishment and much success in keeping it off!

  3. There's nothing wrong with wanting to stay sexy for your spouse. No reason to "let yourself go" just because you're out of the dating pool.

    Keep up the good work. You look fabulous!