Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My AMAZING Christmas gift ... (the video actually works now!)

In case you're looking for a Monday Minute, I wanted to let you guys know ... there won't be one this week.

In my mind, it's still Christmas.  I'm with my family. My husband and I are spending time with loved ones: family and friends alike.  Sorry if you guys are mad, but I needed the break and we've been enjoying our time together.  Look here next week though, cause I'll be back in full force.

NOW on to the reason I posted today...one of my husband's gifts to me this year was awesome and I wanted to share and brag a little.  Actually, both of his gifts were pretty kick ass. He got me the Wii Fit for our new Wii.  LOVE the thing.  So flippin fun.  He's a creative little sucker too.  We have a monetary limit on our gifts because quite frankly it's all we can afford.  The Wii Fit is much more than that, but leave it to him ... he got the Amazon discount and got a new one for $50.  Dang that's talent.

But in addition to that, Evan always likes doing something sweet and superbly romantic as well.  And I'm such a SWEET wife that I let him do that every time. ; ) 

Behold his gift to me.  

I LOVED this gift.  As you guys know, I'm not a bare belly fan.  As much as some might disagree with me, I don't find the pregnant belly very beautiful.  Maybe that's because mine WASN'T beautiful.  It was just big ... my belly got HUMONGOUS as you can see.   But, we took these pictures for us to remember how quickly our girl was cookin in my belly and cause I constantly searched you tube to see "what will my  belly look like in _____ weeks?"

And, oh yeah, you can get jealous cause I know my husband is amazing.  It took him hours to put it all together.  I will always treasure it.

My favorite part?  The music selection.  Carrie Underwood's "American Girl" was a song that we started listening to when we got pregnant.  Evan always said he wanted a girl first and would play this song on repeat.  Once we found out we were indeed having a girl, that was on nearly nonstop until Liliana was born!

Ok, time to get dressed and go have a million more people tell us Liliana is "gorgeous."  Brilliant people in my opinion.

Merry Christmas or as my niece says "Miss"!
apparently that's how you combine the two words if you're a two year old. haha.


  1. Cristy that is just the best gift. I loved watching it and your right the song was perfect.

  2. That is a very sweet video! I think you looked great pregnant! I put on 55 pounds and didn't look nearly as cute as you did!

  3. Soooooo cute! And a "job well done" to Evan. :-)

  4. So cool. Made me tear up! Hope you had a wonderful holiday :)

  5. Amazing video!! I swear I could still see your ab muscles up until the last belly shot! Crazy! You had a beautiful belly:)

    Great job Evan!

  6. That was so sweet! What a lovely gift!