Monday, February 28, 2011

LATE Monday Minute! (let's call it TUESDAY Minute)

Hi guys!  My sincerest apologies for not having the Monday Minute out on Sunday as per usual.  I have quite a few reasons though.  First, I've been sick!  I had a CRAPPY week health wise: on Wednesday, I stayed home from work with a cold. Yuck.  Then on Thursday night, I woke up with a BAD stomach bug.  I thought it got better but I continued to be pretty miserable ALL Saturday AND Sunday.  Even today, my stomach is quite weak.  I can't eat anything without quickly running to the commode. Gross I know.

So that's why I didn't post on Sunday, I was ill.  As for today, I was at work and then I was spending some quality time with my honey pie because today is his 26th birthday! Unfortunately, life as a doctor (well, doc in 3 months) kinda stinks and he works from 7 pm to 7 am on his big day.  Therefore, I spent two hours with him before he had to head to work.

Now that he has left, I can finally give you guys a Monday Minute.  Late, I know.  Sue me.  ; )

For newbies, link up below and play along!  Don't forget to grab the button.  ALSO, if you want to host one week or have any question recommendations, email me!


(1) Have you ever played Angry Birds?
(2) What kind of computer do you own?
(3) What kind of toothpaste do you use?
(4) Are you a heavy sleeper or a light sleeper?
(5) How often do you do laundry?


(1) Yep!  We both used to have it on our phones but my new phone doesn't get it.  We still play on Evan's occasionally.  It's a SUPER fun game.  I know some people are REALLY obsessed with it.  I wouldn't say we go that far, but when we're waiting around at an airport or can't get to sleep, we'll play together.

(2) I used to have a Gateway, but it's having a tough time working these days.  Therefore, for the most part we use our Compaq laptop.  Gotta love the $399 deals at Walmart!

(3) Aquafresh! I'm a big fan.  I don't like Colgate or Crest.  Aquafresh is the way to go.

(4) LIGHT sleeper.  I wake up with the slightest noise or movement.  It's quite a curse really.  It's why we stopped using a monitor with Liliana after the first 3 months.  I woke up even when she turned...and it wasn't because I'm a super worry freak Mommy.  I just wake up when ANYBODY does ANYTHING. 

(5) I'd say we do 3 loads a week.  We used to do 2, but since Liliana came along, we definitely run the wash at least every other day.  Baby clothes is SO tiny but another outfit each day starts piling up!

There ya have it!  Hope you guys link up, but I'd understand if I messed with everyone's schedule and you just can't fit it in to your day! : )


  1. (1) Have you ever played Angry Birds?
    I literally just got this today on my Ipod and already have cursed at it lol.
    (2) What kind of computer do you own?
    My computer and monitor I bought separately because they were on sale :)
    (3) What kind of toothpaste do you use? Colgate Total. It helps with my braces to keep bacterial down.
    (4) Are you a heavy sleeper or a light sleeper?
    I am such a heavy sleeper. I always sleep through my alarm going off two or three times before I even hear it. I can sleep through any weather as well.
    (5) How often do you do laundry? I would say twice a week. Only two of us in the house so we don't need to do it a lot.

  2. That bug can be nasty. Cammimile(I have no idea how to spell this) helps calm the tummy.