Wednesday, June 29, 2011

24 Hours of US Time

A couple weeks ago, Evan's Mom came to town for Evan and I to have a romantic getaway.  We had an AMAZING time together.  I knew that 24 hours of just us was needed, but I had no idea how needed until we hit the highway.

The second we left the house, Evan gave me a pair of "road trip" sunglasses and pulled out a bottle of wine.  We listened loudly to music, held hands, kissed (unsafe while driving I know), got a little bit lost (oops, that was my fault, I can't read maps) and finally arrived.

We went to Hot Springs together, which is about 45 minutes away from Little Rock.  Hot Springs is best known for its pure water ... the tap water is absolutely delicious! It's the oldest federal reserve in the USA and probably most famous for "bath house row."  People used to think these waters had healing power. I'll let you know if they work or not ... 

 Our Bed and Breakfast.  It was SO cute!

 Our AWESOME room ... right when you walk in to the room, a HUGE Jacuzzi.

 The COMFY bed.  It was SO tall, we had to climb up some stairs to get in.

After we checked in to the hotel and relaxed for a while, we went out to see the town.

 Behind me is the famous row of bathhouses.  They were SO pretty!  

I made Evan take some other pictures of me later because I realized I looked naked in this picture.  I know it's a romantic getaway and all, but that was for the privacy of our nice bedroom!
ALSO, like my cool "road trip" sunglasses?
 Quawpaw Bathhouse.  Where we took our "healing power" bath.

 The happy couple having fun on their 24 hour getaway.

 Handsome hubby!  Pretty springs all around ...

See I told you I was wearing clothes! (well at this point in the 24 hour period, haha)

After walking around for a good while, we went back and enjoyed our Jacuzzi.  It was so nice and relaxing.  We opened the bottle of wine Evan brought and talked while giving each other massages.  Reeks of romance huh?

We went out to dinner then came back and watched a Jennifer Aniston movie called Love Happens.  Have you guys ever seen it?  It was excellent but SO very sad! 

It's about dealing with a spouse's death.  So of course, I started crying and telling Evan I could never live if anything happened to him, etc.  UGH, it was SO very sad!

The next morning, we had breakfast brought in to our bedroom.  It was yummy, but we had to leave quickly because our "healing power" bath was scheduled for 11 am.

We showed up, paid our $45, and here was what was waiting for us ...

Yep, one big hot tub.  One remarkably similar to the one in our bed and breakfast room! 

Haha ... so Evan and I took a naked bath for $45 bucks.  Most expensive bath of my entire life!  We laughed it off and had a great time anyway.

The last thing we did?  Eat again! (of course)

The Food Network listed one place in each state to eat breakfast and in Arkansas, they chose the Pancake Shop in Hot Springs.  It was absolutely freaking awesome!  I got Banana Pancakes and Evan got sausage and eggs.  I highly recommend!

The fancy Food Network sign.

Taking 24 hours for us was so needed.  We had the best time together.  Even though it was a short 24 hours, and even though Liliana is such an amazing baby and we have tons of us time every evening, being just us two again was nice. 



  1. I'm so jealous of your "us time" hubby and I need some desperately!

    We love Hot Springs! We live about 3 hours away in Northcentral Arkansas!

  2. I'm in Hot Springs quite a bit! New Boo has a lakehouse there :) and the AR Bar meeting is always held at the Arlington!

  3. Sounds like you had an amazing 24 hour getaway!