Friday, June 3, 2011

This One's For Evan

Evan dearest,

Yesterday we celebrated four years of marital bliss.  So much has changed in just one short year ... last year, we lived in Lubbock with a three week old baby.  Last year you were a medical student and I was a newly minted lawyer who hoped she would find her dream job some day.

This year, you're a Doctor and a budding Urologist.  This year we have a year old baby girl who is the most gorgeous, brilliant, and hilarious child any parent could ask for.  This year we live in Little Rock in a new home that we set up and got financed all on our own.  This year, your wife found a job that somehow encompasses all that she wants in a job: the teaching aspect, the law aspect, and even the music aspect.

While so much is different from this year to the next, there is one thing that hasn't changed ... we are still best friends.  We still confide in each other through it all.  We still laugh together all the time.  We still are a team through the good and the bad.  We still love each other.  We still are amazed at how fortunate we are to have each other.  So fortunate.

I know we've mentioned this many times before, but I truly 100% believe that what we have is quite unique.  I've had so many family members and friends tell me to cherish our relationship because they've never seen anything like it.  Recently, someone told me we have a love for the ages.  She said she's never loved as deeply as we do.  Others started agreeing.  It made me step back and really pay attention to us ...

We challenge each other.  This is one of my favorite qualities that we possess. We make each other better people.  You make me want to be smarter.  You make me want to better myself.  When I thought about quitting law school, I realized that I wanted you to be proud of who I am, proud that your wife is intelligent and hardworking ... I have you to thank for the fact that I regularly check news websites because I know that quite often you'll ask "have you heard about?" and I like that WE, together, can discuss these kinds of things.  We can have intelligent conversations with each other and keep each other interested in one another.

While I love that quality, I also love how much fun we have together.  We are so spontaneous and it's amazing.  Whether it's staying up WAY too late one night because we find a stupid show on TV, or whether it's getting in the hot tub even though the entire house is still in boxes, we take the time to laugh and have fun.  We regularly have a full day packed and say "hey you know what would be more fun than doing all these chores?  Wanna go walk around the mall together and just buy some cookies or pretzels?"  We take time to stop things around us.  We take time to just sit back, relax, and laugh. 

This year, more than any other anniversary, I want to thank you for being a team member and partner in this family we have created.  You help SO much with Liliana and I am so grateful.  You get up with her in the mornings WILLINGLY and get so excited to go play with her if I want some extra sleep.   I have NEVER had to ask you to change a poopie diaper or to go help her if she's fussy.  You are a TEAM player.  You WANT to help, you WANT to take care of our daughter.  To say that we do everything 50/50 is completely true.  You love spending time with her.  I just see it in your eyes.  You keep your cool much better than I do.  I appreciate so much when you realize I might need a break.  You never complain, not for one second, like I do sometimes.  You are an excellent and inspiring parent.  Thank you for everything you do in that aspect.  I can, without a doubt, tell you I have NEVER seen a father like you.  I know some of our families and friends have great Daddy's ... but you really are #1 and I don't feel bad saying that ... everybody pretty much knows it and acknowledges it anyway!

Happy Anniversary love.  Thank you for making me laugh, for challenging me, for being my best friend who is always there to listen when I have silly issues, and most of all, for rocking my socks off all the time in the bedroom! ; )

Love you,


  1. love this! and yall look so CUTE together! so perfect!

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