Friday, June 10, 2011

The New House!! (downstairs)

The house is really coming together.  We've had a few snafu's but nothing we couldn't tackle!  For instance we might have painted Liliana's nursery twice to get the right color.  Oh and, we might have painted the master bedroom twice to get the right color too!

The biggest snafu that we didn't foresee?  We couldn't get our box spring up the steps!  We have a queen bed (by choice not a king so that we can cuddle more every evening) and it would not fit up the stairs!  Our house was built in 1977 and the stairwell area is shaped like an L ... a narrow L.  SO we slept on our mattress in the middle of the floor for over a week.  Our solution?  We ordered our box spring in 2 parts!  I didn't even know that existed for queen beds, but $300 dollars later, I learned.  The good news?  Our bed is ridiculously comfortable and it's great.

SO, here is our house!  I figured today I would post pictures of the empty house and soon here I'll do an after post.  I feel silly saying it's an "after" post because I have work to do in every room still, so I'll call it a "this will do" post. Haha.

Truly though, I love our new home.  It's SO much space for us and everything is just stunning, especially our main area and backyard.  The kitchen, playroom, dining room, and living room are basically one big room.  It's just awesome.  And our backyard?  It's gorgeous.  You sit on your deck and just  look at beautiful trees and vines all around you.

Outside of the house ... 

I like, but don't LOVE the outside of the house.  I have plans for it...actually, the Groupon for Little Rock today was an exterior house cleaning for $20!  We have an appointment set for next week!  Also, we have some landscaping ideas, but we're pretty lost as to what to do ... so this is one of those "good enough for now" pics.

The livingroom.  

This is my favorite area of the home!  We really didn't nor do we plan on changing much in here.  We had to buy a few pieces of furniture, but it was all available at Target and Walmart so didn't break the bank too much.  

The front room.

This room is downstairs and we didn't really have any definite plans for it.  Since this home is so much bigger than our home in Lubbock, we have tons of extra space!  For now, it is functioning as an office and exercise room.  Eventually I want what I'd call an "adult room."  My godsister has an adult room in her house ... it has adult nice furniture and the kids are not allowed in it.  It's where she reads and drinks wine with her friends when they come over.  However, to be honest, this room will probably never be converted to that because the budget won't allow for it! Ha!  I have to fix something about this paint color ... it's not that I mind it.  But when the homeowners left, they left a million holes in the walls with huge scratches.  I don't know the name of the color either, so we'll probably  have to change it eventually.

My kitchen.

I love our kitchen.  My favorite part of it?  The granite countertops!  They aren't overrated, let me tell you.  I get so excited when I don't have to get trivets.  There is one project we have in this room, but it's not showing in this picture.  To the right of the refrigerator, there was a computer nook that I want to make in to a pantry.  I have no idea how we'll accomplish this, but it will be done because right now, I  have my food sitting on the open shelves and it's rather ugly.

Liliana's playroom!

I am SOOOO happy that we have this room, an enclosed playroom.  It's to the right of the kitchen in the above picture.  She spends SO much time in there already and it looks simply awesome.  My favorite part of it?  It's HER room.  It's not right next to a big livingroom, etc.  That way, she can be contained and learn to be independent while playing.  I think it's important for her to learn to do things on her own while Evan and I can accomplish things at the same time.

We also have a half bath downstairs which is awesome!  I would have been too irritated going upstairs every time I had to pee!

Next post I'll do the upstairs and eventually I'll post how the house is currently looking. ; )  In the mean time, isn't this the cutest little girl you've ever seen?  She has the most GORGEOUS face.  I mean, that skin is ridiculous.  Most babies get little acne or dry patches, but she's always been flawless!!!

Liliana got this adorable romper from my  best friend for her birthday ... 
she looked SO darn cute in it!


  1. Love the house! I can picture a few rolling chairs and hangin plants out on the porch!

  2. Oh the house looks great even empty! I can't wait to see how you've decorated/painted. You have such great style and taste! =) AND... Liliana looks absolutely GORGEOUS and PRECIOUS in that romper. I told Darren I was going to buy one just in case we ever had a girl because I liked it so much. ;-) Miss you guys!

  3. all i can think of for the landscaping is to plant a magnolia or an oak in your front yard to the right of the door so that the branches arch over the sidewalk and provide a bit of shade. it would also break up the white space provided by the siding of the second story.

    or. you could change the paint color.

    i think the tree would be easier, though. :]

    i'm excited for yall! it can be so much fun setting up a new residence. sounds like yall have picked one with lots of possibilities.

    i LOVE the floor.

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