Friday, June 24, 2011

Break from Tours: Happy Father's Day Evan!

Although I've been doing the home tours lately, I thought I should take a break for a couple posts.  First off, I wanted to blog about Evan's second father's day!  Also, Evan and I took a much needed over night date to Hot Springs while his Mom stayed with Liliana.  But for today, I wanted to chronicle Evan's second father's day.

Just a year ago, Evan had a 3 week old baby girl on father's day.  While we had a great day, I was studying for the bar and took 30 minutes off to play with them, but that was it.  This year, we spent the WHOLE day together as a family.  MUCH better!

This was one year ago on Father's Day:

 Liliana was 3 weeks old but Daddy was insistent on swimming already!

Look at Daddy totally in love with his girl already!

Father's Day together this year:
Daddy and Liliana had a GREAT time at the pool again.  Liliana kicks, blows bubbles, and gets SO excited when she sees her little water toys.  She is a definite water baby!

I tried my best to spoil Evan during Father's Day this year, especially since last year all I did was study.  This year, we were still REALLY busy painting, but we had the entire day together as a family and Evan told me it was absolutely "perfect."

For breakfast, I went to Shipley's Doughnuts early in the morning and got Evan the vanilla creme filled doughnuts that he loves.  He hadn't had one in YEARS because they didn't have Shipley's in Lubbock.  I brought him breakfast in bed:

Yummy, doughnuts and a Father's Day balloon from Liliana!

After breakfast, we painted while Evan's Mom watched Liliana for a while.

We lightened up our livingroom area ... the mud color is GONE!  The living room looks SO much better.  This isn't much of a Father's Day huh?   
But don't worry, we only worked for a couple hours.

For dinner, I made Evan a shrimp recipe that he absolutely loves.  He ate, ate, and ate some more.

This recipe is EASY and delicious.  It has such a different flavor, but it's awesome.
Recipe HERE

For dessert, I made a DELICIOUS Peanut Butter Pie recipe (Evan's favorite thing in the world after Liliana and I is Peanut Butter).  I've made about 20 different recipes but this one is definitely in the top 3, if not the top.  I got it from the Pioneer Woman, so no surprise that it's great.

Delicious peanut butter pie recipe found HERE.

We had a wonderful day together, at the pool, relaxing, playing, and having fun.  It was a GREAT Father's Day and that's very fitting for a GREAT Dad.

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